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Monkey King

By Ketka
My new illustration
Photoshop CS5
original size 7763x4843px :)
available to print size A4
close up 100% size and work in progress [link]

saw the old chines cartoon and film and it was very inspiring.
I wanted to create a decorative illustration in the contemporary Chinese
art style with many details , warm colors and aerial forms.
Monkey King is a hero with no doubts , but i can't say that he is good or
bad guy. He seems to me more composite and deep character. He has rather
mutable inconstant earth spirit.
I wanted to show the contrast between the world of beauty Dakinis and more
materialistic Monkey King.

Thank you for the watching and comments!
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3425x2422px 1.07 MB
© 2010 - 2021 Ketka
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dinamyc moment hahah inmortality peachs... 
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Holy Crap, Who are the two girls with white hair? They're fucking sexy!!!
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I love the monkey king so much! He looks so sneaky in this image!
How many peaches have stolen monkey
Buen bajo y gracias por la info. 
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I love the story of the Monkey King: favorite is when he thinks he's out smarted Buddha and traveled to the end of the universe and decided to take a piss on these pillars that are there and it turns out that the pillars are Buddha's fingers and  the Monkey King is standing in Buddha's hand.

I like the composition and framing of this image- the two girls and Monkey King each form triangles about to collide in the middle.
why beautiful women would choose an ugly ape man when she could choose a beautiful man like me?
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monkey strong man not
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This takes my breath away.
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hello, your wonderful work has been featured in :icondthemansion:
You are welcome to share with us your incredible talent :D
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awesome illsutration
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Sun Wukong the monkey king is my FAVORITE I am a dummy! 
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Oh my. I love this and have never seen any drawings for Journey to the West.
You did a great job and I agree he isn't a good or a bad guy. (Now if only Master would figure that out.)
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This is really good. I wish there was art like this in the mass media. It would brighten this world of ours. My only criticism is that the face of the monkey king seems malicious. It throws me off. I think of him as being mischievous. He looks straight up cut throat ish. It's kind of odd. besides that. Freaking hell. This sets standards. Or at least its by far the best I've ever seen. Could you imagine Disney/Pixar movies looked like this. omg.
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heh it's not disney indeed -)
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so what/who are the lovely women?
turbo-wooo-bots's avatar
not familer with the full story but those spirit women are beautiful and sexy
The monkey king the frozen one day (time magician or something)
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Those should be the Fairy Maidens of the Peaches of Longevity. They are in charge of the orchard and are supposed to protect it.

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This is truly beautiful but why does the monkey king look so evil?
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