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Heroes of Might and Magic V

By Ketka
Fanart "Heroes of Might and Magic V"

the games concepts:
elf - [link]
demon - [link]
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© 2008 - 2021 Ketka
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Oh yeah! Gorgeous and absolutely stunning art work.

Classic cool and very beautiful fun
Если брать эльфиек - самый любимый арт. Эх, увидеть бы ещё работ с этой прекрасной фурией. А то с ней 2,5 арта на весь инет( 
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спасибо =) игра то старая уже да и в игре она выглядит иначе ;) тут больше моя интерпретация
Blood furies do wreck everything with lategame numbers. Awesome work.
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this is a great art work 
the details are outstanding,the colours are great also the atmosphere is not bad!
i espetialy liked it becouse it look even better than in the game :)
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а кто это за ней?
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Пит лорда завалила.
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Sexiest blood fury ever.
And now time to fap-fap? Oh, I joke. She is one of the best.
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Your work is simply breathtaking.
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Blood maiden! :D
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Fantastic art :heart:
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This is really elegant and eye-catching. I love it, it's so inspiring to me :D

magic here: [link]
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Oh, I love this picture for a long time, but I did not know who the author is, at last I found you
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Hi there, you do really excellent work, love it thank you.

I was just wondering if you had heard of a group called magicandfantasy they seem to be in need of some support and I was searching for fantasy artists like yourself that may wish to join or submit work to them, or contribute in any other way, thank you very much, Mike.
yeah, good old times indeed
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its been a long time since I've read that name before. good old hero's of might and magic.
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