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Steampunk Gear for Poser

EDIT: This file has been updated! The following changes were made:

:bulletpurple: The "black ring" around the outside in DAZ Studio has been fixed.
:bulletpurple: The whole gear was completely re-mapped to fix the "striations" of the texture on the inner side of the ring. Because of this, the old texture will no longer work.
:bulletpurple: A brand new texture has been created and included.
:bulletpurple: It is now a "proper" Prop rather than a Figure, and as such will show up in your Libraries -> Props folder now.
:bulletpurple: It was resized to load up in your scene a little smaller, as shown in the updated Promo pic. Of course, you can resize it to whatever size you wish, but I felt this was a more manageable size for most people to load it at.
:bulletpurple: The "teeth" can now be hidden for a smooth gear look. Simply turn the teeth material invisible in the material room (Poser) or surface settings (DAZ Studio). The geometry of the gear was redone to allow for this with no "holes" underneath where the teeth were.
:bulletpurple: The Readme was changed to reflect the new file names, and to include some suggestions from my Poser tester, Arialgr, on how to tweak the materials for Poser.

If you like, you can visit my Work in Progress thread over at the DAZ Forums for more information, promo images, and my tester's results. [link]

A simple Steampunk Gear, rigged for use in Poser/DAZ Studio, but can also be imported into any program that uses .obj files. It comes with a rusty texture made in DAZ Studio, so Poser users will likely need to adjust the bump and glossiness settings, at the very least. The include Readme.txt has more information.

Made in promotion for, and support of, #TAC-Club's Art Exchange Event "For the Love of Steampunk". The event is free and anyone may participate, you'll just need to sign up for the forums, which are free, at [link] .

NOTE: ONLY the gear and rusty texture are included in this freebie; the girl, dress, background, etc from the promo are for display/sizing purposes only and are NOT included! Personal/commercial renders allowed, but please do not redistribute the object or textures. If someone wants it, send them here, please!
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beautiful work, thx :)
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Thank you very much.
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Thank you very much for sharing!:)
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Thank you for sharing this texture pack.
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Used here, thanks
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Thanks for giving me links to your pieces, I really love seeing my work in action! I apologize for the long delay in getting back to you, as I've not been able to use dA for a long time.
K-raven's avatar
Don´t worry about it, know there isn´t always time for all. Have a nice day
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Thank you, your work is very awesome, I put you on my wishlist on daz.
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Used again! :) Thanks

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Used here! :D and thanks for it

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great !i´m collecting steampunk items for my images
thanks you so much!
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These are stunning ! I have never done a steampunk dev before i would like to attempt one if i do i will use these then credit you thank you this is some of the best i have seen !
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Awesome freebie. Thank you! Used it here: [link]
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Thanks for showing me! Sorry it's taken me so long to reply, I've been *swamped* lately!
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Lol. That's alright. Thank you for the beautiful freebie! Those of us on a tight budget REALLY appreciate your hard work and generosity. :)
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Thank you for this wonderful prop :D I used it here [link] I hope that's OK of me to notify you. :)
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Oh, thanks for letting me see! Your piece turned out so cute too!
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Thank you so much for this awesome steampunk prop....I WILL be using it in My challenge entry. *big smiles* :hug:
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Yay! Can't wait to see!
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Thank you. Looks great. :heart:
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thank you! :D

not sure what i'll use it for, don't really have any other steampunk stuff... would make a nice coffee table or.... :devilish: yeah, i'll make that one first. :evillaugh:
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Hehehe! I'd like to see it as a coffee table! ;)
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