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Dr. Valerie Morgan



EDIT: I've re-rendered this piece based on feedback I received. I left the original up so you can compare and tell me what you think. Here's the new version: [link]

This is my original character for the TAC sci-fi event "G.A.S.H.ers -- The Beginning of the End". Anyone is welcome to sign up, no minimum post count is required to participate, so if you're interested, come on by! [link]

This is her bio:

Human or Cyborg: Cyborg, but most cybernetics are internal enhancements to the brain. Her brain functions literally like a computer, giving her an infallible memory and an incredible ability to make complex computations in her head. Her eyes are also cybernetic, but appear as normal eyes except for an occasional glimpse of the HUD on her pupils. Her right hand is mechanical due to an unfortunate lab experiment.
Valerie Morgan was born already intellectually gifted, and her parents had her modified to further enhance her abilities. She had graduated with her first Bachelor's (in theoretical physics) by the time she was 14 and had two Ph.D's by the time she was 20. Because of her cybernetic enhancements, she has a difficult time relating socially to people and therefore spends most of her time alone. She appears to be in her late 20s to early 30s, but appearances in this day and age can be deceiving and she's not telling. With her petite stature, heart-shaped face, and dimples, she has a sweet, girl-next-door appearance, but her knack for remembering at the most inopportune times the things other people wish forgotten has left her unmarried and with few friends. She usually dresses practically and somewhat dumpily as befits her lab work, unless one of her few friends can sweettalk her into something nicer. She's somewhat self-concious about her most visible cybernetic enhancement, a replacement right hand for one she lost in an explosion.

:bulletpurple: Bonnie for V4 by Wintervon (ShareCG)
:bulletpurple: Lucrezia Locks (DAZ)
:bulletpurple: Outfit is bits and pieces from Shadow Dancer, Reiver, and Navarien's Holy (DAZ)
:bulletpurple: Lab is bits and pieces from freebies by Stonemason, JoeKurz, The Dystopia Team, and others, all tweaked with Vue materials
:bulletpurple: Everything else is done in Vue
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Nice work on your character and bio, good to see some scientists in the mix.

I entered the TAC event as well, so I will see you over there :D