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this is Madness!

more Chibi Celestia's
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Best spell he ever cast.
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The little demon Celestia chewing is butt is freakin hilarious!
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Sorry, not a fan of Celestia X Discord. I'm more of a fan of FlutterCord. But I have to admit, This is Cute!
Chaos Assemble!!!  X3
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Madness? THIS! IS! F**KING CUUUUUUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Madness? THIS! IS! EQUESTRIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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There's that one Celestia biting Discord o.o
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Waaaaaat?!?! Oh my dear celestia!!!
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madness.... THIS...IS...CELESTIA!!!!!!




(please don't shoot me, it had to be done.)

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I can so see Discord doing this. the picture has been faved
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All the different personalities we've seen Tia adopt in Dislestia fanats... XD
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...He seems awfully happy about this.
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i love the evil biter!
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how many celestias
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i like the chibi celestia knawing at his leg... xD
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how did that happen? :P
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:iconspartaplz: THIS IS SPARTA!!!
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