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A collection of skins using the new acrylic plugin


-Filepaths will need to be changed for the dock

-Only supported player is currently WebNowPlaying

-Not super customisable right now, but to add/remove items on the dock, the shorten variable is helpful
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I am the new player, and when I execute it the error message is poping. My platform is Win 7. Can you help me solve it? Thanks!

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Thanks for the nice skins. Is there a way to make the background transparent?
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Is there an easy way to edit the launcher?
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Easiest way to add/remove things is to copy paste the section and change the links. You'll have to find your own icons, just drag em into the resources folder and make the imagename=#@#image.png There is a variable to control how long it is, specifically for adding to the launcher, but I was dumb and made it weird to work with. The variable is called shorten, and decreasing it should lengthen the launcher. I wish you luck in attempting to edit my messy code. I'm just starting making releasable skins, maybe a settings ui might be useful for the next one
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Nice, but how to edit/add notes?

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Notes should be able to edited just by clicking. If it doesn't work, check the include, if it's a long filepath, replace it with include=#@#Note.txt
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I realized there was another issue, but it is fixed now
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Works as it should, thanks for fixing it.
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