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Are YOU a Suicidal Book?



This is the first page in the Clive Barker Book 'Mister B. Gone'.
"Burn this book. Go on. Quickly, while there's still time. Burn it. Don't look at another word. Did you hear me? Not. One. More. Word."

Odd way for any story to begin.
Interesting promotional tool.
If you burn it BEFORE you read it, you've already spent your money once, and may do it again.
If they make the book into a movie, you'll not know the ending.
A book that seems bent on self-destruction, what an interesting concept.
Self-Aware, yet Self-Destructive.

I won't help anybody commit suicide.
I think, unless you are terminally ill, there is really no good LOGICAL reason to kill yourself.
I'm not saying I've never thought of suicide myself, but as you can see, I resisted the irrational urge to cut short my life.
I think it's selfish.
When somebody selfishly commits suicide, the chances of their FAMILY MEMBERS doing the same rises.
The pain and suffering of the people that the suicidal person leaves behind is immeasurably cruel.

If YOU have thoughts of suicide, or harming yourself...please...please...
please seek help.
It's NOT a CRIME to admit you need help.
I'm an addict who reached out, and managed to claw what was left of my life back, bit by bit.
If I hadn't sought help, I'd be dead, and that would have been a shame, and a tragedy for those I care about.
I'm NOT exaggerating this.
"You can keep drinking, but it is going to kill you"
That's what Doctor Lester told me, with a calm tone.
I...the guy who had thought so many times about killing myself...suddenly wanted all the life I was entitled to.
Don't throw YOUR life away.
Tomorrow is another day, and you might find
you've changed your mind.
I know I did.

I haven't finished reading the book yet....hopefully by the end of it I won't want to follow through on it's request of immolation.
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I might try reading this book :)