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Let Me In R2 WIP
Delta G blinked her eyes open, groaning as she slowly regained consciousness to half-flickering, watery white light, for the second time in as many days. “All this being knocked out can’t be good for a person,” she muttered, as much to test out her senses and voice as to just complain. The light hurt her eyes after they had been closed for so long. The hard surface she was lying on hurt her back. Everything hurt, actually, as all of her began to wake up and started firing signals at her brain. Her entire body ached dully like she had a fever. A certain fog in her brain that gave the light a surreal tinge and made her thoughts syrupy slow added to the feverish haze. A second later blinding itch exploded on her stomach, on her right arm, and behind each knee, completely distracting her from her catalogue of pain.
Delta G reached to scratch, rub, anything to alleviate the itch, without even thinking, only to yelp as restraints bit into her wrists and elbows. Those areas
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Let Me In R1 - WIP
Delta G came to with a groan, attempting to blink her eyes open. It was a difficult feat, considering that her head pulsed as if a nest of angry wasps had taken up residence within. She reached up, carefully rubbing her temples in an attempt to alleviate her headache, as more of her senses warmed up.
She was lying on something hard, cold, and smooth, the chill from it leaching into her back through the shirt her sister had made for her. The air smelled dusty and wet, a combination that had her wrinkling her nose. As she finally managed to make her eyes cooperate and open, she saw that the place she was in was huge, and poorly illuminated - and thank goodness for that, as anything too bright right now would probably only aggravate the pounding in her head. A few lightbulbs, long and thin and unlike any she’d seen before, flickered halfheartedly in the ceiling, making faint sizzling noises. The light they threw out was cold and harshly white, not unlike the sort made from burning m
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Let Me In OCT - Delta G
Character's name: Delta G
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Clan: Socratic
Genetic deficiency or mutation: Delta G has a genetic bone condition that makes her extremely susceptible to fractures. She cannot undertake any strenuous physical activity easily. In addition, she has extremely mild haemophilia. In the Socratic community this wasn’t a huge problem, since their medicine is sufficiently advanced, but away from them may present more problems for her.
Physical appearance: Delta G has dark brown eyes, tanned skin, and dark brown hair that she ties back in a tight ponytail. Her face is long and thin, her eyes set deep. Her nose is large and flat, while her lips are thin and wide. Her build is very skinny and frail, due to her being basically unable to get exercise ever. She is therefore tall and lanky. She is about 6 feet tall.
Major skills: Delta is an extremely skilled engineer. She’s good at tinkering with machines and macgyvering
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Mature content
ExIII R1 P2 :iconkestrad:Kestrad 0 1
Mature content
ExIII R1 - Nothing is True [P1] :iconkestrad:Kestrad 0 1
The Exchange III Character - Jin
Age: 25
Sex: Female
Race: God, formerly human
Height: 5’5
Weight: 115 lb
Build: Sturdy and lithe
Skin: Asian, pale
Hair: Black, tied in a spiky bun
Eyes: Amber
Other defining features: A black phoenix is tattooed on her right shoulder. Various scars crisscross over her body, received in training and in battle. Jin takes her duties as her tribe’s leader seriously, and it shows in the way she carries herself. She always stands straight, her posture making her seem taller than she actually is. She moves with grace and confidence. Her voice, when she uses it, is generally loud and commanding, low but feminine.
Clothing: Jin wears the traditional black and orange colors of her tribe—a black tank top under a black fur-trimmed vest and brown waistcoat. She wears a black sash around her
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The Exchange III Audition - Entering the matrix
"No, Jason, I will not sell you a love potion," Alyth told her friend as soon as she’d finished pouring out tea for the both of them.
He slammed his fist on the table. The exaggerated motion jarred the teacups and made them fly up slightly, causing the contents to spill. Alyth winced and picked up a napkin to wipe up the spill. "Why not?" he demanded. "Is it because you don't know how to make one?"
She finished wiping her table and poured out two new cups of tea. "Of course I do," she said. "But I don't make them. No self-respecting potion maker does. People have the right to choose who they love." She picked up her cup and blew on it. “And besides…uh, besides…”
“And besides?” Jason prompted, as Alyth trailed off, a confused expression on her face.
“Oh, right. Love potions wear off every few months and have to be reapplied in a greater quantity,” Alyth said absently, staring off into space. She set her cup on the table, fingers stil
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The Exchange III - Writer Ref
Diana [last name redacted]
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Weight: Average
Build: Small, curvy but you usually can’t tell due to how she dresses. Holding onto what was once a fairly sturdy build where muscle has now given way to fat, thanks to bad college eating and exercise habits.
Skin: Asian, pale
Hair: Dark brown, turns lighter under sunlight
Eyes: Black
Other defining features: Round face, large flat nose, really huge lips. Always wearing glasses, even when sleeping.
Clothing: Always, always in a hoody or zip-up sweater, t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. Kidnapped while wearing a bright purple zip-up sweater, graphic tee with a fishbowl on it, dark blue jean leggings, and blue and grey sneakers.
Demeanor: Has trouble at emoting when she’s self-conscious, which is pretty much all the time
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Swans by Kestrad Swans :iconkestrad:Kestrad 1 0
Delirium R2 - Empty
Rob and I meet shortly after things have all gone to shit, just outside of campus. We never quite met each other but we’ve got friends of friends and it turns out we lived right down the hall from each other and never knew. He’s on his way north to find his girlfriend and I’ve got no one left I care about and no destination in mind, so we travel together for a stretch. It’s always nice to face a zombie apocalypse not entirely alone. Rob has a pistol; I don’t ask him how he got it. He doesn’t ask me how I got my axe.
Video games and movies never got the zombie apocalypse quite right. No matter how over the top they try to be none ever match up. It’s not a horde you have to watch out for. It’s the single one that sneaks up on you when you’re least aware. And even in just one body there’s so much blood and chunks of dead flesh that splatter you head to toe, and none of it magically disappears a few minutes later. You soon get use
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AG Round 4 P1
Jin shivered as a gust of wind blasted against her, nearly pushing her backwards with its force. The Dragon’s spell never anticipated such cold, so intense it cut right through skin and settled deep into the bone. It faltered often in the face of the onslaught, so that Jin alternated between uncomfortably warm and half frozen.
“W-w-when I h-heard ‘desert’ this w-w-was not what I envisioned,” Hui managed through chattering teeth and numb lips, gesturing at the endless plains of white ice and snow all around them. She was so bundled up in furs from head to toe that Jin was impressed she could move. 
“I’d rather sandy wastes than this,” Jin admitted, shivering violently as the spell faltered again for a second. Beside her, Wei stumbled, nearly collapsing. Jin caught her and held on to her, guiding her through the snow. At least with the horrid weather to distract her, she had stopped trying to kill Jin and Hui every few steps of the way
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AG Round 3 Part 3
Time slowed as Jin’s body arced through the Gate. For a moment she felt as if everything about her mind and body had been stripped away, piece by piece, layer by layer, until only her deepest desires remained.
Then all at once, the Gate flooded her with emotion. Jin felt exhilarated as if all her wishes had been granted at the same time, yet at the same time deeply sad, as if the one that truly mattered was still unfulfilled.
Then time resumed its normal flow again, and Jin landed and rolled onto her feet on the other side with a massive crunch. Crossing through had destroyed the illusions. The shifting trees were gone. In their place were hundreds of metallic boxes and pipes and other strange shapes, whirring and humming, some moving frantically, others sitting still. The ground was flat and smooth and made of unnatural stone-like material.
And all around Jin, where she had landed, were hundreds, if not thousands, of gigantic centipedes and silverfish, crawling and milling about
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AG Round 3 Part 2
“Here,” the handsome man—Adam, as he’d introduced himself to her—said, handing Jin a plate with a generous portion of fried meat and bread.
“Thanks,” Jin replied, taking the plate gratefully. The smell of real, properly cooked food made her mouth water and her stomach rumble in anticipation. Adam dished out food for himself and Lucas as well and they all ate in silence. Even so, the two men communicated without sound, casting affectionate glances at each other in the sort of language that all lovers knew, yet were unique to each pair.
Jin, normally perfectly content to eat in silence, spoke so that she would have something to focus on other than feeling like an intruder. “You are heading to the Place of Storms.”
Adam nodded. “You came from there, didn’t you? Can you tell us anything about it? How long did it take you to cross the wasteland?”
Jin stuffed some food in her mouth to buy herself some time before answeri
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AG Round 3 Prologue
“Mortal minds. What interesting things they are,” Feng said aloud to himself as he took his daily dive into the intricate web of his tribe’s thoughts. “So full of inane thoughts. So full of dark secrets. And so…unguarded.” Gleaming strands stretched brightly in every direction with Wei’s familiar mind in the center. And on top of them all, playing with the threads, was himself. Like a spider on his web—but no, he preferred the comparison of a bird on his nest, trimming and cleaning his nest, the better to nurture his children with.
He tugged on some particularly bright strands and Wei, like an obedient child, turned her attention to those thoughts. He heard as she listened, soon growing bored. Mundane matters, all of them. Requests for a change in duties, for more training, for less training. He paid them only half a mind as he glanced around the web. Wei’s thoughts pulsed nebulously in the center before him, a tangled mass of stri
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AG Round 3 Part 1
Hvil i fred,” Hui whispered, kneeling before the small pile of stones she had built. A larger stone towered over the other stones. “Rest in peace.” She stood, looking through the curtain of mist, where somewhere beyond, she hoped Jin was still climbing.
“Was it worth it?” Hui whispered, looking back down at her marker, the lone empty grave marking too many deaths to count. There were endless numbers of stories that ended here, that would never be told. There was something very sick about the whole game of godhood, sending countless men and women to almost certain death, and leaving one to deal with the implications of their victory. Perhaps that was why so many gods were cruel or indifferent, and so many others simply disappeared without a trace.
An eternity of guilt is hard to face.
And yet she was helping condemn Jin to that very fate. Because she wanted a god she could believe in. Because she wanted a god who would fight for her.
Because s
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Mature content
Caterpillar - [Delirium R1] :iconkestrad:Kestrad 0 0


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Beginning We End
Him, in the very beginning:
He is eighteen when he gets his death sentence. Unlike most death sentences, this one isn't going to send him to the guillotine or maybe the noose. Instead, it's handed to him by a doctor with very clean hands in a stark white room probably very similar to the one he'll end up dying in. And it's not the type of death sentence carried out by an impassive executor. He's essentially going to kill himself. He is dying from the inside out.
He mumbles something at the doctor, and suddenly he is on the street, a white piece of paper fisted and crumped in his hands. He's grateful it has the prescription written on it in sloppy medical scrawl, because he sure as hell can't recall half or more of the conversation he just had. All that's left are words like, "terminal" and "life-expectancy" and "5-10 years". He kicks viciously at the curb, wonders how the world can be ending on a day when the sky is blue and the clouds are full and the air is sweet.
The sun plants taun
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Android3000 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2016  Hobbyist
Hey I haven't back from you regarding our round for Let-Me-In. Did you get my note? 

I'm going to send another one with a list of prompts I think we could go with. Whether or not you want to add ones of your own or remove one of mine is fine, but if I don't hear from you by the 30th, I'll have to contact Leafy and go on my own.
Mangekyo-User85 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2016
Kes my friendo I'm sorry for what I've done to Delta G but I hope I at least wrote her well 
Mangekyo-User85 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2016
Hey Kes, just in case I don't get to go back to R1, I figured I should lay out a few things that should have happened.

1. Liam would have ended up getting seriously injured (which is fixed, now, since healing robots, but this injury would have involved being unable to use his good arm).
2. Liam also would have started to fight his opponent, and then realized that it was way more beneficial to work with her.
3. Riddle in the catacombs (which I planned to have actually by the NYC sewer system) would have been solved by both competitors, because Liam recognizes when he's outmatched and can use help.

If you have any questions, note me.

(also Leif is ok, she deleted her account because she's working on being a ~real~ author and i'd imagine having a bunch of stories with Lucas on the internet when she's trying to get his canon story published would be a problem)
Kestrad Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Hey, thanks for the notes, and the update! Sorry I've also not gotten back to my R1 entry. There are notes about what should have happened in the comments, but definitely feel free to note me as well if you have any questions (especially now that we have a grace period, thank god *dies* )

Glad to hear Leif is okay! Any idea how we can find out when she gets published? :3
Mangekyo-User85 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2016
I'm excited for this. If you have any other questions about Liam (because I know there's not much about his personality and mannerisms other than what's on the ref sheet and how he interacts with Adam) let me know. I'll be more than happy to help make sure we both do our best.

I talk to her on hangouts (the google thing) and on her tumblr.
GeoCaecias Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist
Hello there. :>  I'm sorry for the delay in getting this done, but here is your prize for coming in 3rd place in Ascension Gate.  
Kestrad Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
It is awesome and I love it! Thank you so much! Heart 
3wyl Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello! :wave:

On behalf of #SixWordStories, I would just like to welcome you to the Group!

We have many ways for you to get involved. If you have past stories, just submit them to Freestyle, and it'll be accepted if it is a proper story. We also have Prompts, but they're a bit more restrictive... More information about them is displayed here. We have listed our guidelines here, which includes our definition on What is a Six Word Story? to help you. ^^;

If there are any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us! More of our Happenings are displayed on the right hand side of our front page. :love:
Tevys Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2013
HEY, YO, WHATS UP. I have a question for the next Ascension Gate round!! Does Hui have any figthing experience, or does she just have medical knowledge??
Kestrad Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Hey! Sorry this wasn't clear. I've totally been meaning to make a reference sheet for her, and then I keep forgetting. X_X

Hui is better at fighting than at medical knowledge. On Jin's reference I made a passing mention that Hui is one of the four best warriors of her tribe, and good with most weapons but best at unarmed combat. Of my two characters, Jin would have far more medical knowledge since she expected to become a healer at one point in her life, whereas Hui's knowledge would be more along the lines of "this is how to not die until you can get to a person who knows what they're doing."

I hope that helped! Feel free to comment or note if you have any more questions :)
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