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The Rabbit and the Snake. (And the Armadillo too!)



Tsukino Usagi from Sailor Moon encountering Lamia and Arma from OgawaBurukku's webcomic Fallen

Usagi is something of a force of nature when she sets her mind to something.  You could almost call her a genki elemental.  So Lamia should probably accept her fate - there's no escape now.  Although I do wonder who could have put the idea in Usagi's head that Lamia could use more friends.  Hmmmmmmm, it's a mystery.

It's funny the things you never notice about a character until you try drawing them.  I never realized just how much of a mophead Arma is.  Does she even own a hair brush?  Or even a comb?

I also realized something mildly disturbing while working on this.  At the beginning of Sailor Moon Usagi and her friends are almost the same age as Ora.  What is it with Japanese media having characters who are supposed to be middle school students but look and act like they're high schoolers or even college aged?  And in retrospect that also makes Mamoru's relationship with Usagi kinda creepy.  In light of that I suppose I really should have made Usagi noticeably shorter than Lamia.

Hey, this was my first request.  Well, sort of.  I was chatting with Ogawa-san and made a joke about Lamia having the right temprament to be a moon princess, and she said, "Usagi would try SO HARD to make Lamia her friend! I would love to see that XD I think Rei and Lamia would get along, if only to gang up on Usagi, haha."  So I chose to interpret that as a request.  I hope you get a giggle out of it.  ^_^
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I love the way how you drew Usagi. Hope to see more in the near future