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The Rabbit and the Snake. (And the Armadillo too!)

By kessy-athena
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Tsukino Usagi from Sailor Moon encountering Lamia and Arma from OgawaBurukku's webcomic Fallen

Usagi is something of a force of nature when she sets her mind to something.  You could almost call her a genki elemental.  So Lamia should probably accept her fate - there's no escape now.  Although I do wonder who could have put the idea in Usagi's head that Lamia could use more friends.  Hmmmmmmm, it's a mystery.

It's funny the things you never notice about a character until you try drawing them.  I never realized just how much of a mophead Arma is.  Does she even own a hair brush?  Or even a comb?

I also realized something mildly disturbing while working on this.  At the beginning of Sailor Moon Usagi and her friends are almost the same age as Ora.  What is it with Japanese media having characters who are supposed to be middle school students but look and act like they're high schoolers or even college aged?  And in retrospect that also makes Mamoru's relationship with Usagi kinda creepy.  In light of that I suppose I really should have made Usagi noticeably shorter than Lamia.

Hey, this was my first request.  Well, sort of.  I was chatting with Ogawa-san and made a joke about Lamia having the right temprament to be a moon princess, and she said, "Usagi would try SO HARD to make Lamia her friend! I would love to see that XD I think Rei and Lamia would get along, if only to gang up on Usagi, haha."  So I chose to interpret that as a request.  I hope you get a giggle out of it.  ^_^
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Mikey186's avatar
I love the way how you drew Usagi. Hope to see more in the near future 
kessy-athena's avatar
Wow, thanks, I'm really glad you liked it.  ^_^  I did this page kind of on a whim, but now I'm thinking I should do more Sailor Moon stuff.
Mikey186's avatar
Yea. I hope to do a request/commission with you in the near future
kessy-athena's avatar
Sure, I'd love to take a request.  What would you like?
Mikey186's avatar
Well I need to know what you can/cannot do as far as your request goes. Note me.
OgawaBurukku's avatar
AAAAH what is this super surprise AAAHHHH this is awesome XD XD

Arma does not use a brush, no, haha. She does not own one and when she cuts her hair it is with scissors or sword, by herself, and so the cut is uneven and sloppy. Lamia and Usagi could talk about hair... they could trade bun techniques. 

Yeah, Usagi is only 14 in the first season of Sailor Moon (in the manga Mamoru is 17 at the beginning, so slightly less icky, but the anime for some reason made him a college student so he's probably around 19) but has the body of a twenty-something, haha. She's pretty short, but her legs are super long so it's easy to forget that. Lamia is kinda short too, but Usagi is probably shorter... not sure, though. I draw Ora as a "young-13" and Usagi I guess is a "super developed-14". The trend in the '90s was to age up characters, but now you see a lot of shows where they look younger than their age, since a lot of artists draw heads larger and hands and feet much smaller than they realistically would be. 

I got a giggle out of this as well! Thank you!!
kessy-athena's avatar
Well I'm really glad you like it.  ^_^

I figure that Lamia and Usagi would probably get along.  At least once Usagi finished pulling Lamia out of her shell.  Kicking and screaming the whole way, I'm sure.  Of course Usagi gets along with just about everyone.

Thinking about it, Usagi may only be a year older than Ora, but at that age a year makes a big difference, doesn't it?  Now that you mention it, yeah I have seen some anime that makes characters look younger than they're supposed to be.  Lucky Star and Kiniro Mosaic come to mind.  I got the impression that was just part of the cult of cute thing.  But I was more thinking about the way characters behave rather than how they're drawn.  The only anime I can think of off hand that had middle school students who actually acted like middle schoolers is a kind of obscure one called World of Narue.  Well, at least how I remember middle schoolers acting.
OgawaBurukku's avatar
Yeah, in high school and middle school the one year makes all the difference. I remember in 6th grade you were considered pretty cool if you dated a 7th grader, and even cooler if you dated an 8th grader. I had a longstanding crush on a guy who was one grade above me and I remember thinking, even in 9th grade, that he may not see me as dating material because of the age difference, haha. Now I'm married to a man four years older than me and I don't know that I've ever felt the age gap with him, but if I'd been 17 and he'd been 21 when we first started dating, it would have been downright criminal! I think some people forget that when they get older... did you ever watch Avatar? I protested Katara's relationship with Aang so hard, and one of the issues for me was "A 14 year old girl would never fall for a 12 year old boy..." because at that age that is a super huge age gap. 

The first anime I saw where I really felt like the characters were too young was K-ON. They graduate high school by the end of the series but none of them look a day over 12. Japanese people do naturally look younger than westerners, though... but then there's stuff like Lucky Star where they seem REALLY young, heh. I have seen a few shows where they got the age about right (one I can't remember that came out a few years ago about a trans boy that was really cute) but the cutesy stuff is getting on my nerves. I have in the past adapted my style to changing trends in manga and anime to stay current, but I don't want Lamia to be cutesy, I want her to be 18 and exploring her sexuality. I'd probably be more popular if I gave her larger eyes, smaller hands and feet, a bigger head, etc, but I won't :p Especially since I sexualize her so much. 
kessy-athena's avatar
Well, to be honest, dating was never really an issue for me in school.  I was really obnoxious back then - my attitude was pretty much, "Well I'm going to rewrite physics and win a Nobel Prize by the time I'm 20, so what do I need you losers for?"  I had no interest in friends, much less dating.  I didn't realize what a jerk I was until I went to college.

I did see Avatar, but to be honest I didn't find it terribly memorable.  I'm not terribly impressed with visual effects and I thought the plot and characters were pretty vanilla.  But they were giant blue aliens, how would human ages even apply?  And the guy was a former soldier, so I assume he'd have been in his 20's or so when he was in his original body?  But yeah, 12 and 14 seem like unreasonable ages to me too.   At 12 a boy might not even have hit puberty yet.

Oh gods, no, you definitely shouldn't make Lamia look any younger.  She'd be 57 kinds of creepy as a loli.
OgawaBurukku's avatar
Oh, sorry! Haha I didn't mean Avatar the alien cat people movie. I meant Avatar: The Last Airbender. (I actually really liked the cat alien Avatar when I saw it theaters, but when I watched it for a second time at home I was SOOOO BORED. I know what I liked about it the first time but even for someone who liked it that movie had NO rewatch value, at all. I ended up turning it off before I even got to the halfway point)
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Oh right, lol, not the first time I've mixed the two of them up.  I've been meaning to watch that show since everyone seems to like it and especially Korra (that's it sequel, right?)  The thing is that I've only been watching anime online for so long I'm not sure where to watch it!

I had the same reaction to the movie.  It was a fun ride but I've never felt any desire to watch it again.  I think that's probably because the plot and characters rely so heavily on conventional tropes that it becomes kind of generic.  It's like it does a well worn story we've all seen a hundred times.  It does it really well, but it's still well worn.
OgawaBurukku's avatar
I liked the first airbender series WAAAAY more than Korra. I only watched the first season of Korra, though, but I saw they were making the same mistakes they made in the first series and I didn't like all the new technology in Korra, since I really liked the fantasy setting they had. The first series was great great great until the very end, for me anyway. I felt like the creators had gotten cold feet about some of the stuff they'd set up. Normally I don't really get into shipping couples but on this show I did and when the pairing I supported did NOT get together I felt a little ripped off. It was the way it was handled that bothered me, and I know I'm not the only one. The ending was bad enough to ruin the rest of the series for me, at least enough not to buy it on Blu-ray. I am probably the only person who was that bothered by it, though, haha.

There was one scene in the alien cat Avatar movie that I thought was so moving, though. When the Na'vi cat girl goes to rescue the human man she loves, she sees him in his actual form, instead of as the Na'vi he's been putting his mind into, and we see for the first time how small he is next to her, and she cradles him and doesn't give a flying flip that he's a completely different species. That moved me to freaking tears, but I never hear anyone talk about that scene. For me it was the best scene of the movie, but the movie as a whole is largely forgettable. It was the first "experience" movie I'd seen since like Jurassic Park, though. They don't make movies like that anymore.
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