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Kestrel Walls
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hi! I'm Kes, a native Philadelphian who sometimes tries to do the whole art thing. I was born in 1976 (Ack! I'm getting ooooolllld!) and went to Penn State University. I started off majoring in Engineering Science but later switched to East Asian Studies, so I've wound up with a foot in both the clear cut scientific world and in that hazier existence of uncertainties and things half seen or half remembered.

I love anime and manga - they're my preferred forms of entertainment these days. But I'm always willing to try new stuff. I also have some pretty wide interests in things from physics to history to folklore and mythology.

Artistically I'm self taught so IhavenoideawhatI'mdoing... Feedback is always appreciated, including general assessments of my art, anything that particularly jumps out at you good or bad. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong - don't worry, I have a thick skin. ^_^ I shoot for an anime-ish style, and any tips, suggestions, or things it might help me to learn are much appreciated.

In general I return llamas but not faves or watches. Please only fave or watch if it's because you like what I'm doing. I'd much rather get comments. Conversation helps motivate me much more than anything else. If I go a long time between posting artwork, it probably means I'm in a bit of a funk so feel free to poke me and tell me to get off my lazy behind. ;-)

:iconbobo-kitty: made the chibi avatar for me - she totally rocks!

Yup, I talk politics. Yup, I'm left of center. However, I have no time for ideology. I care about what works in the real world, not how anyone thinks the universe is supposed to be. I always listen. I have no problem with respecting different points of view. I like to learn new things and new ideas. And if you don't want to talk politics just say so. I'm perfectly happy to be friends with people who strongly disagree with me.

However, I have completely exhausted my tolerance for mushrooms: people who want to be kept in the dark and fed bullshit. Those whose egos and worldviews are too fragile to deal with contrary facts hate me and frequently block me. I am the Snowflake Slayer!

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Picture this scene: it's the 1920's and one of the city's leading citizens, an elderly gentleman of means, finds himself a widower and childless.  He has whirlwind romance with a much younger woman and the two of them quietly travel to a seaside resort to be married away from the limelight.  The day after the ceremony the gentleman suddenly falls ill and dies four days later.

It sounds like the plot of an Agatha Christie novel, don't you think?  And yet it's a true story!  I was doing some digging into my family tree and found this intriguing tale.

This distinguished looking gent is Edward Creighton, my great-great-granduncle.  Born in 1852 in the city of Chester PA to Scots Irish immigrants, Edward made his name as a painter and decorator.  Starting as a painter at Chester's shipyard, Edward quickly rose to prominence in his trade until he was able to open his own store in 1882.  By 1890 he'd obtained premises in one of the choicest properties in Chester's business district and was profiled in the city's newspaper.

"There is not another store in Chester that presents a more attractive appearance then that of Edward Creighton, 615 Edgemont avenue.  The show window is very large and is artistically dressed, while the interior of the one hundred feet deep store reminds one of the rich scenes described in the tale of 'Alladin's Lamp' in the Arabian nights.  Mr. Creighton has won the reputation of being the leading grainer, decorator and paper hanger in this city, and he can point out hundreds of the handsomest residences where evidences of his skill may be seen."

The article also mentions that Edward's wife, Sara Alice Mather, was intimately involved in running the business and described her as, "A lady of rare executive ability and artistic perception."  And this was in 1890!  Although it's hard to piece together their personal lives from the records, there are hints of just how strong their relationship was.  In her will, Sara A. directed that her diamonds be remounted in a ring for Edward, and just such a ring was listed in Edward's personal possessions when he died.  Edward also left a thousand dollars in his will to Crozier Hospital to be used in furnishing a room in Sara A.'s name.  However, they were never able to have children.

Edward retired in 1920, selling his business to a local company for a price, "In excess of $75,000."  Consulting an inflation calculator that translates to more than $935,000 in 2017 dollars.  Edward seems to have built quite a comfortable retirement for himself, and was able to travel extensively, spending a lot of time in Florida and California.  Unfortunately, he didn't have long to enjoy it.  Sara A. died in 1923, leaving Edward alone and childless.  He moved in with his sister Jane Creighton Doyle Smith, my great-great-grandmother and a widow herself.

A lot of this I already vaguely knew about before I started doing any research.  But when I found Edward's obituary, I found a whole new story that I'd never heard anything about at all.

From the front page of the Chester Times 24 Nov 1924:

"Edward Creighton, retired Chester business man, died Saturday afternoon at four o'clock at the Chalfonte-Haddon Hall, Atlantic City, following an illness of four days duration.  He was past seventy-two years of age.

On Monday last Mr. Creighton was married to Mrs. S. H. Peoples, of this city.  He died five days after the ceremony.

Mr. Creighton was seized with an attack of illness on the boardwalk at Atlantic City on Wednesday afternoon and was removed to his hotel where it was found that he had suffered a stroke.  He was unconscious until his death.  The body will be brought to this city for burial."

I was amazed.  I'd never heard anything about a second marriage or a fatal trip to Atlantic City.  And who in the world was this Mrs S. H. Peoples?  The name even sounds like a character from an Agatha Christie novel!

After some more digging, I discovered that the mysterious Mrs Peoples was Sarah Howarth Peoples, a widow fifteen years Edward Creighton's junior.  Apparently the Howarths are an old and influential family and Sarah's first husband, Frank Peoples, was involved in city politics as were both Edward and his older brother John.

After Edward's death Sarah Peoples contested his will in court and got a ruling that Edward had died intestate in regards to his new wife, which meant that she was entitled to half of his estate regardless of the provisions of the will.  At the time of his death Edward's estate was $96,000.  In 2017 dollars that's $1.4 million.  Interestingly, the lawyer representing Sarah was one Mary S. Howarth.

As one last little epilogue, Sarah Peoples had a son by her first husband, Clifford Peoples.  Clifford later became mayor of Chester in the 1940's.  I can't help but wonder how much of his political career was funded by Edward's money.

Edward Creighton's grave at Chester Rural Cemetery, along with his first wife Sara A. and her parents.

P.S.  I'd like to remind the reader that although this is quite a story, it's also a true story and these are real people.  That includes Sarah Peoples, who presumably still has living family.  As far as I can tell from the records, there's no reason to think that Edward's death was anything other than natural.  He was 72, after all.  So although it's fun to speculate, please remember that it's just speculation and we should keep it respectful.


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