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Kessi Riliniki
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Kêssi ahr Zäa Iewa is almirian. It translates as 'the crazy one from the world of Zäa'

People I adore

Panromantic Stamp by sunbirds
I realize I haven't quite updated my DA in a LOOOONG time, so here's a few things I'm up to.

  1. Lullaby of Al'Sura
    It's not dead, but it's not alive, either. I am not working on it ATM. The last Status was that I was working on the old pages, cleaning them up for rerelease (and editing some of the bad dialogue). There were only around 20-25 more of the old pages that needed cleaning when I last worked on it (out of 200, so the major work is done).
    I had written a summary of the following chapters as well, to help me plan before I do the script planning, however I had suddenly had an enlightenment in regards to storytelling and character development that gave me, as a writer, a slight existential crisis - I knew NOTHING of character development or carefully constructing meaningful bonds or bonding time. It might appear that I did in the old pages of Lullaby, but the truth is, that I did not. I decided to put Lullaby aside for now and practice my new insight into the beauty of character development and story structuring on another, smaller project called Counterbalance (see more on that bellow). I am hoping that once Counterbalance is up and running, I will have time to revisit Lullaby and bring it back, as it is a story that deserves to be told, despite the fact that I started it in my infant state as a writer.
  2. Counterbalance
    Some of you might've noticed I posted some artwork recently that were tagged under the Project Counterbalance.
    But what exactly is Counterbalance?
    Counterbalance is a project that rose up when my eyes started to open up to the power of Character Development, and I decided to practice what I have learned on a story with a small cast (3 main characters only) and make it the best thing I can do in terms of storytelling. I started writing scripts for it in November last year, and so far I have written and rewritten 16 episodes, with a total of 40 planned (I know, this doesn't seem like a small project, but compared to what I had planned for Lullaby, trust me its smaller, and once the groundwork is done, it can also run much smoother than Lullaby).
    What medium will I release Counterbalance as?
    I plan to release Counterbalance as a serialized Audiodrama Podcast (free, by the way!) accompanied by several Artworks depicting scenes from the story.
    Why audiodrama? Why not manga, like Lullaby?
    Well because I've been doing Voiceacting for other audiodramatists for a while now, and quite frankly, I licked blood. My Sis and I will be voicing two of three main characters, and we're having the time of our life. As for the manga part - As I mentioned earlier, Counterbalance was supposed to be a playground to help me refine my craft as writer. As such, I'm looking for quicker ways to release a story, quicker than manga anyway. It takes a bit more work upfront to smooth the crossing, but once I have the groundwork done, I will be able to release a full episode per month, maybe even bi-weekly. Oppose that to the time it took me to draw one chapter of Lullaby? Getting out 3 chapters took me 2 years, so....
    When will I start releasing?
    I'm not sure yet. I want to write all the episodes first, before starting to produce. I am HOPING I can get it done by early-mid 2018, but my attention is slightly divided between other projects as well, most prominently Project Sanguine Song (see bellow).
  3. Sanguine Song
    Sanguine Song is a collaborative audiodrama project between me and my friend KrisiChiki . It is slow going, and we only work on it once a week, but it is a slightly larger project than Counterbalance, so we don't want to rush it or half-ass it. It is a story based on a 15-page comic she drew back in 2014/15 for her BA-Degree, but there was not enough time to do justice to the story or the characters. We decided to see what this story could become, if it is given the space it needs to flourish. It became much larger than we had expected, but we're loving brainstorming on it together and getting a feel of how it is to work on a project together. A useful skill to have, IMO, as I realized how a partner to discuss things with can really increase the value of your trade.
    There is not much else I can say for this project, other than that we're still in the outlining phase, but we already got a few Voice Actors and composers on board.
  4. Audio Drama
    I originally started joining up the english speaking audio-drama community as a way to find more content, but I ended up becoming very immersed in the community, so much that I am now a go-to person for Cover-Art, have had several Voiceacting-Gigs in established Audiodramas and a few that are still in production, and am part of the Admin-Team around the so called "Audio Drama Production Podcast", a Podcast and Facebook Group centered around helping newbies and professionals alike with any production problem in the creation of Audio Drama Podcasts.
    The Hivemind has taught me a lot, not only in regards to audio drama production, but also about story and script writing, how to organize, how to socialize and approach people whom I'm asking for favors, how to stand up for what I do with pride 
  5. Commissions
    Some of you might've noticed a lot of the work I post these days are commissions. To those of you interested, I still do take commissions (PN me for details), though anything I take up also distracts me from working on any of the above projects, so I try to keep the commission count low (no more than 3 at a time, unless people with deadlines approach me). So yes, I also have a few commissions on my plate, some of which I only release when the actual show comes out so I can post the links to the shows along with the deviations. So I'm not exactly twiddling my thumbs over here :P My plate is more than full.

  • Listening to: Improvised Star Treck
  • Watching: Wakfu


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Tenchi8 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi there! Had to drop by to wish you a happy birthday. :) birthday cake 
I hope all is going well for you. See you around. ^^ 
kessir Featured By Owner Edited Jan 29, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the cake [Bunny Emote] Love  I'm doing well, probably juggling too many projects at the same time right now, but things are moving forth little by little! How are things for you?
Tenchi8 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm in a similar boat with the juggling part. 
But the demands of making ends meet has pretty 
much robbed me of my personal time and energy. 
I can't seem to catch a break. Once in a blue, I'll manage
a drawing or a post or two, but I haven't been as consistent nor 
productive as I would like to be. 

Sad to say, I'm just too busy to do art. :( 
Even with every efforts of improvising, I get mentally tired, when I push 
to make time for it. But all I can do is continue to press forward, and manage 
in anyway possible. I've always been a fighter at heart, so I'm not giving up. :) 

Things could be better, and in other areas of my life, things has gotten better. 
It's just when it comes to the art department, that's the one area in my life, I could 
barely accomplish. I'd have to fight tooth and nails to get it going somehow. My situation 
doesn't seem to support me as an artist. So, I really have to push for it somehow. 

Sometimes, I went as far as pretending to go to work on my days off, just so I can find a quiet
spot on the luxury yacht at my job, and work on my writing and drawings without any further 
distractions. Before hand, I'd have to study the white board for boat schedules, crew, best place 
of entry and exit of the boats. I'm well, technically a "ninja" artist. Ninja  I've gotten good at it with each 
practice, but I don't do it very often, since it's wise not to push my luck. So I only do it discreetly, if I have no other way to work on my project. That's my rare ace card. ;) (Wink) XD 

At home I have no solitude, and in every home that I have moved to, I never had the luxury to concentrate on 
art and writing. I always had to improvise. But the lack of time and practice in getting better at art suffers. Too many setbacks in my life, makes it harder for me to improve or practice. So, I'm forced to work with what I know. 
I need the opportunity and it's the one thing I can't seem to get ahold of. I'll have to keep fighting for it and hope for the best. :) 
kessir Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry for the very late reply! I'm so sorry to hear about you not having time for art - and I totally get that :'( (The reason I havent replied yet, too! This week has been soooo busy!)
But that you are able to sneak on a yacht and just draw there for a bit is great! Do take care of yourself. Sometimes its necessary to cut some corners for some peace and quiet, and I get that :)
Though one thing I did notice is that if your time is much more limited to do art, you tend to get more, and especially better stuff that in that time. Because you pent up all the energy and then let it out in bursts. I feel similarly when I have ideas and inspirations in my head while I'm at work, and then I get home and just release them. Whereas, when I try to be productive on a day off or a weekend day, I'm far less productive because I can do things at my own time, and that's just never helpful :P Some people need the pressure ;) I hope you will find a good time and place to do art regularly soon :) 2019 is still young, it might still hold some surprises :D
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Perceptor Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2019
Happy BDAY!!!!!
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