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Powerpuff Girls Fan Meme

Blank version: Powerpuff Girls controversy meme (Blank) by Sonicgirl1552000

I don't know if I stated it before, but I'm a huge fan of the Powerpuff Girls & I was crazy about them in Middle School.
In honor of that, I found this meme & gave it a shot.

light pink heart bullet Favorite Character(s): The Girls themselves, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. All three of them are adorable & strong in their own ways and their own personalities that separates them from other triplet characters in the past (who were basically the same but with different clothes colors). 

Death Despised character: The Mayor of Townsville. Out of all the characters in this show, there's no one I loath the most than the bumbling idiot that "runs" the city, the Mayor!:X
He let Princess take over Townsville all because she bribed him with Turkish candies, secretly hates the Powerpuff Girls because he's openly happy that a villain claimed that they killed them, is a wanna-be adulterer who wants to cheat on his wife and have affairs with Ms. Bellium (which she wouldn't do that), and arrested Professor Utonium all because of the Girls destroyed a pickle food-cart.....Not the buildings or streets of the city (which they ruined by accident over a game of tag) but a food-cart.:ohmygod:

Butterfly Bullet V2 - Red Favorite episode: There's actually so many good episodes I could've put on there like "Bubbleviscous," "Mr. Mojo's Rising," and "Three Girls and a Monster."
But I picked "Octi-Evil" because it's an under-rated episode that needs to be talked about more. This focuses on Blossom & Buttercup constantly fighting each other while Bubbles is stuck in the middle crying because she can't pick a side & she hates seeing her sisters fight a lot. When Bubbles was captured by Him (who possess her beloved octopus plush Octi), Blossom & Buttercup settled their differences to save their sister together.

I HAS PRESENT Despised Episode: Sweet n' Sour! As seen in my review of it. I hate this episode more than "Town & Out"!:pissed:

Rain Cloud Bullet - F2U! Over-Rated Character: Princess Morbucks. Out of all the villains, Princess has been in more fanart than any of the other villains. However I don't see as that much of a ground breaking character, she's just a spoiled brat who gets upset if she doesn't get her way with everything.:roll:
The only time I actually did like her as a villain was in "Bought and Scold" for the silly nicknames she gave to the Girls, and getting her just desserts for making crime legal.

Rainbow Bullet - F2U! Under-rated Character: Mr. Green from "Substitute Creature". Now THIS episode starring him is better lesson about judging one's appearances and misunderstanding. I really like how Mr. Green looks like Krampus, but he's actually a very nice guy & helped out the Kindergardners in the episode.^^

firemeow Favorite villains: Much like Batman's rouges gallery of villains, it's hard to pick which ones are the best because we all love-to-hate them & have colorful personalities.
From Mojo Jojo being an over-the-top blabber mouth, The Gang Green Gang being anti-versions of Fat Albert characters, Fuzzy Lumpkins who can be silly and vicious, to Him who almost successfully won.

greaterthan:C on Fire Despised villains: The Smith Family. Their reasons for being evil and hating the Powerpuff Girls are so lame. Harold had a mid-life crisis and finally snapped, Marianne hated them because of ONE ruined dinner party, their daughter accused the Girls stealing/losing her Jacks, and their son...he just hates everything.Grumpy Emote They didn't just need to go to jail, they also need to go to a nut-house (which I think they did because we thankfully never see them again, and the Girls get new neighbors).

Flower Bullet (Blue) - F2U! Favorite Couple(s): Love triangle between Professor Utonium, Ms. Kean, and Ms. Bellium. There were so many hints between the two couples in the cartoon, book series, and the comics, and both of these ladies are excellent choices to be mother figures for the Girls (much better than Sedusa).:nod:

District 9: ARC gun Despised Couple(s): A three way tie between MojoxBlossom, ButtercupxAce, and BubblesxSnake.  Sure Buttercup had a crush on Ace & Mojo is Blossom's favorite villain (as seen in a book I had), but all three of these "couples" don't make any since because of the age-gabs, differences, and the hero & villain thing (and somewhat bestiality on the BlossomxMojo part).
Sure some may argue that the Rowdy Ruff Boys are villains too and they get paired up with the Girls, but at least they were age-appropriate (and they seem to click in "City of Clipsville" ).

Characters & show belong to Craig McCraken :iconcmcc:
Meme made by :iconsonicgirl1552000:
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Mayor is like Broly. Both became enraged for stupid reasons.
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I agree with your choices.
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Holy crap, it's really rare to see someone who's neutral on the PPG/RRBs pairings (I like those pairings myself and there are good fics of those, but dammit PPG fandom, variety is nice, except in... some cases).

Great list, and I certainly agree with you on Aku/Blossom, that pairing is by far one of the worst crossover pairings I've ever seen for many reasons.
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Thank you for the comment.
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I respect your opinions about the couples thinge
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Your very welcome. :)
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Have you heard that The Powerpuff Girls is going to be rebooted next year? And would Cathy Cavadini, Tara Strong, and Elizabeth Daily return for the reboot?
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Would you like to see my list too?
I think yours is nice
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Awesome list.
In fact the Mayor doesn't know than the robot is a villain. But yeah he suck.
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Thank you for using. My fav characters are the girls too. I haven't seen Sweet 'n Sour but from what I've heard, I'mz not going to watch it. And its good to se someone who thinks a character OTHER than Prof. Utonium is underrated. Almost everyone who's filled this meme had him as an underrated character. And I dislike the Smiths too.
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You're welcome.
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I agree with you on the Powerpuff Girls, the Mayor, Princess, the Professor and his lovely ladies:eyes:, the Smiths (which the first one was one of my favorite episodes BTW) and the "couples".
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