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Different Styles of Batman

I haven't done anything like this in a long time. The last time I did it it was with the Arkham Sirens:

Now I'm doing my take on the Caped Crusader/Dark Knight himself!;)

1. The Adam West version: This animated version was used for the opening sequence of the live-action show, it's own cartoon (which got cancelled because of the flashing-light effects), the Filmation cartoon, and the crossovers in "The New Scooby Doo Movies."

Adam West might've made a campy Batman, but he is rememorable and was a lot more funny-parody than those from the "Scary Movie" junk.

2. Batman The Animated Series version: Now this Batman is the one us 80's and 90's kids grew up with.
Call it "over-rated" if you want, but before "MLP: FiM," this was the major craze of the 90's (even though "Batman & Robin" is major flop at that the box-office).

It practically was a well-balanced show of humor, violence, drama, action, and thrills.
And with the most memorable voice-casting!:D

3. "The Adventures of Batman & Robin" version: As the Batman animated series got more popular, they've decided to change the character designs a little bit.
And it does show it.

This one is similar to the 1992-1995 version, except with wider shoulders and darker colors.

The version was also used in the 2004 "Justice League" TV series.

3. The animated movie version: While still the same as the previous 2 designs, but is much more detailed and more muscular.

4. "The Batman" version: While "The Batman" had some of the worst character-designs, their version of Batman was okay, but he looked kind of scrawny and I wasn't fond of the voice they picked for him.:hmm:

5. "The Brave and the Bold" version: Pretty much the same as the Adam West version, but with a different voice-actor, and looks really crusty.

6. My version: Here's my take on Batman, as well as his alter-ego, Bruce Wayne.
The color of Batman's suit is similar to the iconic movie-style ones [minus Schulemacker's (?) with "bat-nipples" ]

So what do you think? :)

Batman belongs to DC Comics and Warner Bros.
Sketches, colors, and ink by me.
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I love your versión of Batman and Bruce Wayne