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Different Styles of Batman

I haven't done anything like this in a long time. The last time I did it it was with the Arkham Sirens:

Now I'm doing my take on the Caped Crusader/Dark Knight himself!;)

1. The Adam West version: This animated version was used for the opening sequence of the live-action show, it's own cartoon (which got cancelled because of the flashing-light effects), the Filmation cartoon, and the crossovers in "The New Scooby Doo Movies."

Adam West might've made a campy Batman, but he is rememorable and was a lot more funny-parody than those from the "Scary Movie" junk.

2. Batman The Animated Series version: Now this Batman is the one us 80's and 90's kids grew up with.
Call it "over-rated" if you want, but before "MLP: FiM," this was the major craze of the 90's (even though "Batman & Robin" is major flop at that the box-office).

It practically was a well-balanced show of humor, violence, drama, action, and thrills.
And with the most memorable voice-casting!:D

3. "The Adventures of Batman & Robin" version: As the Batman animated series got more popular, they've decided to change the character designs a little bit.
And it does show it.

This one is similar to the 1992-1995 version, except with wider shoulders and darker colors.

The version was also used in the 2004 "Justice League" TV series.

3. The animated movie version: While still the same as the previous 2 designs, but is much more detailed and more muscular.

4. "The Batman" version: While "The Batman" had some of the worst character-designs, their version of Batman was okay, but he looked kind of scrawny and I wasn't fond of the voice they picked for him.:hmm:

5. "The Brave and the Bold" version: Pretty much the same as the Adam West version, but with a different voice-actor, and looks really crusty.

6. My version: Here's my take on Batman, as well as his alter-ego, Bruce Wayne.
The color of Batman's suit is similar to the iconic movie-style ones [minus Schulemacker's (?) with "bat-nipples" ]

So what do you think? :)

Batman belongs to DC Comics and Warner Bros.
Sketches, colors, and ink by me.
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I love your versión of Batman and Bruce Wayne
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Interesting art. c;
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I am vengence, I am the night! I AM BATMAN!
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For my version, I would have a black and sliver one like yours only with a yellow bat.
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my style of batman for my teen titans league show idea was to make the batman suit a mix of the smallville one after having love the suit it gave the movie feel
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Garble- Think of It Spike. We could be Equestria's Batman and Robin.

Spike- Sure. But I'M Batman
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i like your version of bruce. and 92-95 batman cause thats the first batman i grew up with
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I wonder if your version of Batman doesn't like eating nachos...
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After watching through all the seasons I don't really like the way Animated Batman progressed through the DCAU

In the end he just drove everyone away and the way he and Dick split was heartbreaking

When he the beginning while a dark avenger of the city he was generally a man who greatly cared

Hence Why I like the way he's portrayed in Young Justice

You know what I mean
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Did you hear about that new DC fighting Game Injustice Gods among us coming out next year?
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Well The DC New 52 has made another stupid pointless move.

It's Made Superman (Cruddy New 52 one) And Wonder Woman the new power couple

Yet another reason to hate reboots
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Thing I always hated about Nolan's take on Batman is that he goes out of his way to make everything too real and leaves no room for the Fantastic
Gojira012's avatar
Which is why we have to wait for another Batman reboot because Warner Brothers wants to do the Justice League shared movie universe
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Nice drawings on the Batmans. The Animated Series version that was shown on Fox back in 1992–1995 will always be my favorite animated Batman series. :batman:

P.S. I'm surprised that Kevin Conroy was born on the same birthday as me. :wow:
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Thank you.

And that's awesome!:omfg:
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i'm surprized you didn't draw the under the red hood batman still awesome job =D
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