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Stoopy by Kesoroda-MKB Stoopy :iconkesoroda-mkb:Kesoroda-MKB 2 2 Neapolitan 3rd by Kesoroda-MKB
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I live for the feedback! Leave comments and share!
:iconccwelcomedplz1::iconccwelcomedplz2: I love Feedback by Sweet-DooDo

"Perfection is a myth."

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I Made a lot more content, so I guess I'l start uploading it, as long as I don't get too much bullshit from false flaggers. Take note: This site has a lot of penis, vagina and ass on it, and it's everywhere. I you're going to be uncomfortable, then don't use the site, or the internet. It's damn simple!


I had seen correspondence notes of 3 of my items deleted, but I can hardly say that I care, because the fools didn't warn me, they simply deleted the post. You need to change that. Tell me; How the fuck can I dispute a thing properly if I can't even see what it was that you deleted? Ya blew it!  [It's the close equivalent of a little kid breaking a thing, then not telling you what they broke until it's too late.] Or better example, you see a kid run out of a room, and they hid the thing they broke, and now you have to find whatever it was just to be sure.

Kill 'dat noise, bruh! Ain't nobody got time for all 'dat!

At least let me read the description I typed, or some thing. I have no idea what they deleted, so It's far more controversial and difficult when it come to writing a dispute. Adding to that, it's been so damned long, I don't even remember what the hell these specific posts even were! I haven't been here for a very long time, and I don't look back on my old posts often, so cherry-picking like they do isn't helping anyone.

At the very least, you mods and admins should've added a thumbnail and a human-typed reason for deleting things. In the future, instead of deleting it and issuing a BS dispute button, simply hide it from the public, then issue a warning via the user's correspondence, THEN, after a certain time of inaction or something, feel free to delete it. How is it that we, the users, come up with more reasonable solutions to the problems that you, the creators of the site, not only propagate, but can't even comprehend? What's up with that?

Tumblr's tag system and blacklisting option makes content or topics, even words or phrases that people don't want to see become invisible, and it doesn't come up in the searches for a particular user's content, except for about 5.8%, which may be due to booming popularity, or unless they deliberately search for it themselves. You should use your collective brains on that. Free advice. I'm not being sarcastic, this could actually help the site.

I don't claim to be a pro, but I used their system, and a little bit of copying shit like that will actually work. I blacklisted "Dogs," and [while a minimized post would still appear, I only saw plain text letting me know that I could click on it to see the full post,] I never again saw a post with a dog in it, not even puppies, or Scooby-Doo*.

But no. You just keep doing you, dA Staff. Doin' a real bang-up job as it is. That's JUST ONE HANDFUL of reasons why so many people left in the first damn place.

(*I don't hate dogs, except for the ugly ones like pit bulls and pugs, but people are obnoxious with posting their dogs on Tumblr, just like people post their baby vids on Facebook.)
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My fucking info disappeared, so have a couple stamps of what I'm into!
I Support Hentai by 666zarike

Mature Content

Hentai by Chuchu-Love

"Hentai is artistic freedom. People should be able to draw what they want, no matter what the fuck it is. If their art offends someone, then the offended person needs to GROW THE FUCK UP and GET THE FUCK OVER IT."

So, if you don't like nudity, gay stuff, dicks on females (aka Futanari), sexually suggestive content and lack of pants, then Why the fuck are you still here? There's the door.

Bye, felicia!
Press Ctrl+W or Press Alt+F4

But I'm not an abrasive person. I like to be friendly, but if someone pisses me off, I get pissed and take a bit of time to myself.

Whatever. No one actually reads this anyway, do they?



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