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By Kerynean
Let us lay them to rest.

I am glad to get rid of this artwork. Seriously. It's been going for about a month or so and between severely screwed up and bandaged wrists it got delayed a lot.

But this artwork is pretty significant, because it's going to be the LAST artwork I paint on my old Wacom Graphire 4 tablet that I've had since I was about 13 years old. It's worked with me well, and it's not really ready to be thrown out at all, it's just now that I'm heavily using it my wrist condition amplified. So basically, this is my way of making my graphire go out with a bang. I also hope it's going to be significant because I want this to be the last time I paint of this 'issue' which has been quite a series for me over the past two years.

And now I wait for my Cintiq to arrive. >:3

EDIT 7.7.11// OH GOLLY GOSH. A DD?! Oh man I'm so happy! This means so much to me on such a personal level, it just reinforces the hope I'm trying to build for myself to get out of the rut I'm in. I'd like to thank *Brianna-Chan for suggesting this artwork, and $Moonbeam13 for featuring it!

Easy Paint tool SAI,
Wacom Graphire 4,
(Estimated) 20hrs+
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I featured this on my tumblr, [link]
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Oeeeoo, thanks! See you on tumblr. :D
heart-defectant-art's avatar
Do you have a tumblr I can follow, if so I would love to be able to :)
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Indeed I do! In fact I tend to use it more often than DA these days. Here's the [link].
heart-defectant-art's avatar
lol thank you! although the funny thing about that is that I was already following you :blush: thanks again tho! :rose:
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this is amazing. it makes me think of princess mononoke. not in its style but the way it makes me FEEL. lol i guess i just loooove it. really great work!
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this is just awesome.
u r quite good.
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Hello, may i feature this pic on my blog please? :)
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Sure you can! Thanks for featuring me~
PurestGreen's avatar
That's great, thanks! It's up now :)
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This work has been added to my journal feature "Beasts and Metamorphoses" :heart: [link]
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:) My pleasure!
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this just took my breath away..... this is beautiful!
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wow, this is absolutely awesome!
sinister in a good way and i like the composition a lot.
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Fabulous work :) I love the amazing fantasy feel.
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