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Sasha in Spring

This is Sasha, our very high content or pure wolf that we rescued out of Anchorage, AK. She'd been kept as an illegal pet and spent most of her 3 years on a heavy chain, then over a month at Animal Control on "death row." We're so happy to have fought for her, winning her freedom and a new life here at Kerwood. She has a real wolf family now (pups born at our center this spring) so get ready for LOTS of photos of our new Spirit Stalker pack!
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I love wolves there so beautiful i lived in alaska for a year
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you have some truly amazing photos here, faving right now :D
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I just read her story, thats AWFUL! I'm so glad she found a home with you :) She is a gorgeous wolf
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She's so beautiful! :+fav: I really love your stuff!!
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she's so pretty. I'm glad to hear she was rescued and also that she had puppies ^^ The more wolves the better
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The pups are not Sasha's but were born here to other moms this spring. But we're so happy that Sasha sees them as family and that we were able to give her a whole new life.
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ah, alrighty ^_^
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Ebonlupus told me about when it was going on. I still can't believed you managed to pull her out of there. She is so beautiful and I am glad she got a second chance at life. *applads Viv. for her work*
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I'm so glad you rescued her, animals shouldn't be killed when they can run free in places like yours. I hope she does well!
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Glad to see she's doing okay, I remember reading about her and the idiots that were so desperate to kill her and her eventual rescue. I'm glad there are still enough decent folk like yourself around out there that actually care and can do something when things like that happen. Shame more Wolf hybrid's lives can't turn out for the better like hers....
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Thanks so much for the words of encouragement. We went through living hell getting Sasha out of Alaska alive. Our greatest reward is seeing Sasha running free (well, not free but off her heavy chain and loose within her compound) and seeing her so happy and feeling at home. I noticed you have a link to our petition against Alaska's aerial wolf hunts -- thanks, every signature counts!
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Wow. She's gorgeous. It's awesome that you guys saved her and that she even has a family now! Yay!
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*gasp* I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE WOLVES!! They're my favoritest animals in ever! =P You're soooooo lucky! And she's so beautiful! ^___^ Congrats on the puppies, too! :clap:
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