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Kervala deviantART Messaging Network client written in C++ and using Qt framework.

Please click on Download Application on the right to access to download page.

Project page :…
Download page :…

Debian/Ubuntu : please add ppa:kervala/ppa in your sources, update packages and install package kdamn

You can download its source code on :


2017-11-18 - Version 1.2.621
- display a message when no update are available
- improved About... dialog
- cycle between users when pressing <tab>
- support latest DA API changes
- allow to create/edit CSS styles
- AFK mode with /afk
- implements URL content changes
- DeviantART now uses oEmbed for :thumb:
- truncate deviation title if too long
- support latest versions of compilers (GCC, clang and Visual C++)
- packages creation on command-line
- updated translations
- fixed several bugs

2015-01-24 - Version 0.9.329
- encode special characters and accents as HTML entities
- open logs menu
- fixed a lot of bugs
- check for new version at launch and propose to install it
- notes manager (read and write notes)
- new DA icon
- support oEmbed for different sites (see oembed.ini)
- use oEmbed to get thumbnail for stash links

2014-09-29 - Version 0.9.199
- check for notes
- create a new session when launching kdAmn et close it when leaving


- dAmn protocol
- tablumps (proprietary DA format syntax) to HTML conversion
- all DA specific code (icon, dev, thumb, emotes, etc...)
- download of thumbnails/icons/avatars
- channel management
- users management
- privilege classes management
- DA and OAuth2 authentication
- display of time before the message
- users auto-completion with
- multi-lines messages
- save channels and connection parameters in an INI file
- tray icon
- class to manage settings
- tray icon/tab color change when a user writes in a channel or talk to you
- compilation under GNU/Linux
- list of known channels
- choice between OAuth2 and DA login
- log files in html or raw text for each channel
- drag and drop to upload a file to stash
- update OAuth2 token before it expires
- supports both Qt 4 and 5
- progress bar in window task bar under Windows 7 while uploading a file to stash
- auto save settings
- Debian packages
- allows to upload a screenshot on stash
- double-click on a user opens up his DA homepage (thanks to :iconsymilde: for the suggestion :D)
- oEmbed for some sites (DA, Youtube, Kickstarter, Dailymotion, Flickr and Instagram) see oembed.ini
- check, view and send notes

To implement :

- details on a user (connections to other channels, idle time, online time, avatar, group, etc...)
- admin dialog to manage a channel
- private chats
- multiple selection for users (allows private chat)
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RedstoneGeek223's avatar
how hard is it to get it to auto check for updates on app-startup? (Windows/OSX/Linux) Edit: literally just read the description

PS: If you need Linux install Packages 'Alien' can help with that
Kervala's avatar
That's why I provide .tar.gz packages statically linked to Qt 5 :D It'll be too hard to maintain packages for every distro :( For Ubuntu and Debian, I have a PPA with the uptodate version.
RedstoneGeek223's avatar
Debian, Red Hat, and Slackware are really the only ones you need to worry about, almost everything else is based off one of those three and it's rare that they're not
Kervala's avatar
Problem is I'm an open-source developer and 56 people are using kdAmn, I can't package myself for all existing OSes.

Usually, there is developers and each distro has its maintainers who will package the application.

I'm sorry, but I don't have enough free time to maintain everything myself. I'm already doing more than most of the other alone developers (some of them keep their application closed source and/or only package for Windows). I try to be multi-platform and that's never enough :(

All my code is open-source, if someone want to package kdAmn, he can create a package and/or fork my code and adapt it.
Precipitous120's avatar
Does it have the ability to save messages, so when you return later all the messages that were sent when you weren't around are there to see when you are back?

We really new a proper forum for our Programmers united club, and if this program could be used to create either an app on every users desktop, or a journal entry that magically displaces the content of the chat

then it would be absolutely perfect for team discussions and community growth
Kervala's avatar
Currently, all messages are saved to files (HTML and/or text), but it should be possible to load the last one :D

I found DA chat very cool because it supports images thumbnails, differents smilies, etc... in fact, the same syntax used in comments, journals, deviations, etc...
Precipitous120's avatar
Would there be a possibility to open a journal entry with http code that links to a deviant chat?

I've actually discussed this before and apparently it isn't possible, but you are closer to the inner workings of the chat. I'm hoping you can prove the impossible is possible :D
Kervala's avatar
I think that's possible by defining a custom scheme such as "damn" so a link like damn://ChatRoomName will launch the program associated with "damn" protocol and open the channel "ChatRoomName"
Precipitous120's avatar
Could you set that up for free or how many points are we talking about here :D
Kervala's avatar
It's not very difficult to do, I already did that for another program :D I'll try to implement that when I'll have a little free time.
Precipitous120's avatar
Just don't forget me and good luck :D
Kervala's avatar
Thanks :hug: I begun to implement it, but I would like to improve the order of tabs and which tab has focus :D
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RedstoneGeek223's avatar
any chance this is available in .deb format?
also is it compatable with the raspberry pi? (can't install with LXtermnal) using: Raspbian
Kervala's avatar
Sure, I'm using Ubuntu's PPA to package for Debian/Ubuntu, just add in your software sources : ppa:kervala/ppa

You can see all supported versions of Ubuntu on :…

And you just need to find the Debian equivalent to be sure dependencies are satisfied :)

For example :

Ubuntu => Debian

15.10 wily => jessie / sid
15.04 vivid => jessie / sid
14.10 utopic => jessie / sid
14.04 trusty => jessie / sid
13.10 saucy => wheezy / sid
13.04 raring => wheezy / sid
12.10 quantal => wheezy / sid
12.04 precise => wheezy / sid
11.10 oneiric => wheezy / sid
11.04 natty => squeeze / sid
10.10 maverick => squeeze / sid
10.04 lucid => squeeze / sid
RedstoneGeek223's avatar
"sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kervala/ppa" doesn't work on the Raspberry pi. Raspbian is different then Debian, Raspbian is for the ARM(ARM11 ARMv6) processor, Debian is for i386(32-bit) and amd64(64-bit) not ARM((ARM11 ARMv6)<=same thing) so I don't think that they are the same at all. you can probably look up the command list for Raspbian and, Debian I'm not sure but if you do please compare them.

~Plasma Blast
Kervala's avatar
Ah yes, sorry I forgot it was an ARM device :(

But you could compile it yourself :) You just need to install Qt 5 libs and follow tutorial in :…
RedstoneGeek223's avatar
is it architecture dependent? because if it is that would suck :( because i would have to remake it so that it would work on my R-pi. also could you tell me (specifically) what version of qt you use as coding can change over time.
Kervala's avatar
Yes, you only need Qt 5 and CMake. Qt 4 should work too if Qt 5 is not found.
RedstoneGeek223's avatar
kdamn... for kde? :?
MD5 hash? are you serious? that just proves that the hash is the same as MD5 is outdated
also fun little tidbit OSX has a Linux base system
Kervala's avatar
Hum what ? :D

kdAmn stands for "Kervala deviantART Messaging Network" so K is Kervala not KDE :p

Why do you talk about MD5 hash and OS X ? Sorry, but I don't understand :(

kdAmn is an open-source software I write on my free time, if you want to use it, do it, if you don't want, don't do it...

I'm sorry, but I don't see the aim of your comment...
RedstoneGeek223's avatar
I have kubuntu 15.04 beta and most things with a "K" in front of them is for KDE

as for MD5 hash on "…" it just confirms that the hash on the file is the same as the given hash I would recommend that you use SHA-2 (I don't know about SHA-256) on your files it will help prevent people from creating a file with a virus in it with the same hash

as for the bit about OS X that's unimportant it's info
Kervala's avatar
I know for KWrite and other softwares, but unfortunately my nickname also begin with a K :D And, of course, kdAmn should work under KDE because both are using Qt :)

About MD5, I'm just using Redmine project management so I didn't code anything related. You should post a suggestion on :

I thought you were taking about :…

Because I'm using MD5 to associate content with downloaded images in C++ :) Problem is that Win32 full paths are limited to 255 characters so if I use SHA-1 or SHA-256, it's more likely to exceed this limit since the cache folder is already very long.

About OS X, Darwin (OS X core) is based on NeXTSTEP and FreeBSD not Linux. OS X uses its owns APIs but since Qt is multi-platform, it allows me to code for both platforms (with some manual fixes) :D

Thanks :D
RedstoneGeek223's avatar
On OS X... why does the sudo su command work in the "Terminal"? Linux is the only OS (To my knowledge) that has that. also (faiap) test.desktop? that I know is a Linux thing
Kervala's avatar
sudo and su are UNIX commands so that's normal they exists under ALL unices :

And Linux is a UNIX :p

There is a drawing explaining UNIX history :…
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