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Kervala deviantART Messaging Network client written in C++ and using Qt framework.

Please click on Download Application on the right to access to download page.

Project page :…
Download page :…

Debian/Ubuntu : please add ppa:kervala/ppa in your sources, update packages and install package kdamn

You can download its source code on :


2017-11-18 - Version 1.2.621
- display a message when no update are available
- improved About... dialog
- cycle between users when pressing <tab>
- support latest DA API changes
- allow to create/edit CSS styles
- AFK mode with /afk
- implements URL content changes
- DeviantART now uses oEmbed for :thumb:
- truncate deviation title if too long
- support latest versions of compilers (GCC, clang and Visual C++)
- packages creation on command-line
- updated translations
- fixed several bugs

2015-01-24 - Version 0.9.329
- encode special characters and accents as HTML entities
- open logs menu
- fixed a lot of bugs
- check for new version at launch and propose to install it
- notes manager (read and write notes)
- new DA icon
- support oEmbed for different sites (see oembed.ini)
- use oEmbed to get thumbnail for stash links

2014-09-29 - Version 0.9.199
- check for notes
- create a new session when launching kdAmn et close it when leaving


- dAmn protocol
- tablumps (proprietary DA format syntax) to HTML conversion
- all DA specific code (icon, dev, thumb, emotes, etc...)
- download of thumbnails/icons/avatars
- channel management
- users management
- privilege classes management
- DA and OAuth2 authentication
- display of time before the message
- users auto-completion with
- multi-lines messages
- save channels and connection parameters in an INI file
- tray icon
- class to manage settings
- tray icon/tab color change when a user writes in a channel or talk to you
- compilation under GNU/Linux
- list of known channels
- choice between OAuth2 and DA login
- log files in html or raw text for each channel
- drag and drop to upload a file to stash
- update OAuth2 token before it expires
- supports both Qt 4 and 5
- progress bar in window task bar under Windows 7 while uploading a file to stash
- auto save settings
- Debian packages
- allows to upload a screenshot on stash
- double-click on a user opens up his DA homepage (thanks to :iconsymilde: for the suggestion :D)
- oEmbed for some sites (DA, Youtube, Kickstarter, Dailymotion, Flickr and Instagram) see oembed.ini
- check, view and send notes

To implement :

- details on a user (connections to other channels, idle time, online time, avatar, group, etc...)
- admin dialog to manage a channel
- private chats
- multiple selection for users (allows private chat)
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how hard is it to get it to auto check for updates on app-startup? (Windows/OSX/Linux) Edit: literally just read the description

PS: If you need Linux install Packages 'Alien' can help with that