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King Elisar

By keruuu
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My genderbend cosplay of Elsa from Disney's Frozen! We did a shoot at Mammoth Mountain in California. Was such an amazing experience to get to shoot in snow though it proved a lot harder than I had anticipated - strong winds and lots of sunlight being reflected by all the snow. But I'm so happy with how the pics came out! I owe my helpers big time for working so hard behind the scenes to make the shoot a success! <3

Elisar (Genderbend Elsa) cosplay, and makeup by :iconkeruuu:

Photography by Muze Ezum -…

Helpers - Jonathan, Jessica and Ryu
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Canon EOS 5D Mark III
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1/1000 second
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35 mm
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May 3, 2014, 11:13:35 AM
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© 2014 - 2021 keruuu
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Juhaihai's design is my favorite and seeing it in real live is awesome!!!
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Hahaaa you made it! You look amazing! And wow you sing really good too! *___*
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thank you so much! :))
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DAYUM! The pose, the outfit, the theatricality! You're even better than female Elsa cosplays...or concept for that matter!
Makes me wish this was the original concept!
Amazing work! the detail in the costume is ridiculously beautiful!
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wow thank you so much! I really appreciate the positive feedback! I had a such a great time doing the shoot and this was a really fun (albeit interesting) costume to make since it is such a deviation from my usual cosplays!

Glad you like it!
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dude that's pretty epic!
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thank you very much!
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"Where now are the Dúnedai Elessar, Elessar?
Why do thy kinsfolk wander afar?
Near is the hour when the Lost should come forth,
And the Grey Company ride from the North.
But dark is the path appointed for thee:
The Dead watch the road that leads to the Sea."

Sorry. ^^; Lord of the Rings nerd that I am I couldn't help but think of that verse when I read the name you use for genderbent Elsa.
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Hahha! I did some research on the name for my genderbend Elsa and I found that Elisar has Norwegian/Finnish origins and I also felt it sounded pretty close to Elsa.
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Details, makeup, location.... yep, you didit again! Congrats on another awesome cosplay!!!
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Thanks so much Rick!!! :D
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Amazing Genderbend Elsa cosplay, so well made ^^
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the suit details are so beautiful! i risk to say it looks even better than the original detail-wise. And of course, you sir look very good as a male elsa!
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Thank you so much! I love the original design so much I had to find a way to really capture it as best I could with my genderbend version! <3
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And you did an awesome job =D
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The cloak (orcape) looks amazing with its shimmer the fake gems look fantastic and not one looks out of place~
The snowflakes are so neat and I'm just casndjalnsdvjknalsdjvava in awe~~ _(TT Q TT/L)__
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8DDD Thank you so much! It was a challenge for me doing something so 'pretty' when I'm used to doing more armor/darker characters!
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It was a real change~! hahahha
especially since your last work was your Dracul~!
hahahaha a real opposite~ XD
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wow, excellent! XD Love the costume!
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