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Dancing dragon XD



I told yeh i was gonna do my own icon!!!
I love this little guy so much!!! XD
I did it very well!!!!
I is so proud!!! XD
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i miss the simpler times

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Well I can't say it's perfect, but it's hilarious and somehow cute, so I think this icon would work perfectly as avatar. The only thing I think you might think about changing or at least improving a little is the bottom of it. I think it would be interesting to draw some sort of feet for this dragon, and maybe you could try to make it look less like a triangle. The animation of the wings it well made, as for the rotation you could add some more frames to make it look more fluid. As for the colours, I think that these basic colours (without shadings) are perfect for the way you decided to draw the dragon, it's a sort of childish style that I really adore. With childish I mean that it reminds me of the typical drawings and illustration created for babies and children, without too many details, really simple and basics.
Great work.
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I agree with Dany about the feet, although I think there may have to be little legs attached as well. :giggle: I know it becomes more and more complicated but it is a sweet little emoticon, and an inspired idea.

Nice work. :clap:

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thanks for the critque! and i agree, but maybe you would like to look at the updated version XP? [link]
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Might be cause it's 6AM but the only difference I spot is the different colours... am I wrong?
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nupe, the line has be smoothed out, and shading has been added.
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Well with different colour I meant the shading... though at 6am my brain isn't really connected :D
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lol X3 that's alright, but thankyou very much for your critique ^_~ it's very helpful! i need critique now and then XD cause i know most of pictures aren't perfect XP
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Oh man, this had me giggling and smiling big-time! This is so cute and fun :la:
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Aw how adorable omg!!! <33
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think u can do one for my birthday coming up? would love my dutchie as a gif never got one but think you can do one for me? 
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i only take commissions i'am afraid..
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how much is it for commissions?
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£5 for the dancing icons, but it will be this updated one -  Dancing Dragon Updated by KeruriDerago  
also i can't guarantee how long it'll be as i'am working alot lately
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This dragon is so cute!
Thank you for sharing him with us!:happybounce: 
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awesome work you think you could do icon like that of my dragon?
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I only take them as commissions i'am afraid not by request.
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and how much would cost icon like that?
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There £5 each ( no point commissions i'am afraid) and i do them more like this now -…
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hmm i like more this older one ^^ too bad this icon is not for 5 usd ^^"
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sorry but sadly i don't do them like this anymore ^^; 
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