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March 6, 2013
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the bear

By KerstinS
digital drawing and textures and DD :dance:
Thanks for all the comments. I'll try to answer them all.

© Kerstin Schoene
Do not use without my permission.
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© 2013 - 2021 KerstinS
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ErikServin's avatar
Is so marvelous, impressive skill!
I wanted you to know that I loved this design so much that I had it tattooed on my calf. Your work is beautiful!
ErikServin's avatar
Oooh, that's impressive, pal! OwO
But i don't did this, heheh :chuckle:
Whoops, you replied me instead of commenting, hahah.
Merry christmas! ^_^
copper9lives's avatar
Darling? Will you consider making this available as a print? I LOVE the colors, textures, and the gentle, wise expression in the eyes...
lish-ish's avatar
Would you mind if I had this tattooed ? :) please! love your work.
xia-kaligh's avatar
Hi! Amazing work! Did you make it on illustrator?
Hey kerstin. Im getting this tattooed this week. How can i send you a pic of the finished tattoo?
KerstinS's avatar
Hey, send it to my email address: info(at)kerstinschoene(dot)de
I would really appreciate it if you send me a photo of the tattoo.:happybounce: 
Will do. Thanks for letting me use it. The tattoo artist is working on drawing it up. Has anyone else gotten it tattooed that you know of? If so how do they turn out? The artist i go to is talented so hopefully it can stand up to the beauty of the original art
cleverydesign's avatar
bright and beautiful work! congrats!
Nangl's avatar
I love everthing about this, the style, the colors, the textures. Great work!
Hello KerstinS, this is the absolute most beautiful bear portrait i have ever seen. Actually I am wondering on getting this tattooed, would that be a problem?, do I have your permission?. Thanks in advance ñ__ñ
KerstinS's avatar
Of course you may. All I ask in return is for you to send me a photo of your tattoo when it's done.;) (Wink) 
captainrob77's avatar
is it ok if i use this as an icon?
KerstinS's avatar
Thanks for asking. Generally I'm no friend of using other pics for icons.
Actually, you would expect behind the icons the creators of these images.
And it would also be a bit strange if I take the bear someday as an icon, too.
But for now I don't mind, if you do not use it permanently.
Bebechen's avatar
I really love the tribal look to the pictures, and also the beautiful colors! 
Are any of your animal pictures for sale here on Deviant?
KerstinS's avatar
Thanks a lot. Glad you like it!
Currently I'm not selling prints. But I'm building up an account on redbubble and co. But I've lack of time...I'm making a notice if it's ready.
salvatrane's avatar
:D ......i find a new epic illustrator.... epic piece 
KerstinS's avatar
gcgrain's avatar
This would be dope on a shirt!!!
KerstinS's avatar the planning stages...;-)
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