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Believe - Spolier

“Believe” series: Keeping Heroes iconic but positive.

Spotlight: Stephanie Brown aka Spolier aka Robin aka Batgirl!

Now I don’t know much about Stephanie like other characters but I do know she has a loyal fanbase and that she was the first female Robin within continuity. I read up a bit on her and she seems to always come back more mature and stronger in every iteration of her character. At this rate she should be Nightwing next and then eventually take over for Bruce!

I also did read her run as Batgirl and was sad to see it go. It was good! And she screwed with Damian..;)

So with this piece you get the strength of three Heroes embodied in one girl!

(These multiple figure pieces are killing me…:D )

Kerrith -The comeback kid
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Check out the whole series! "Believe" Series: Keeping Heroes iconic but positive.


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You must be that same artist that created that Supergirl poster a while ago right?

I got to say that this is most rewarding of your artwork. I do adore Stephanie Brown (even If I'm am not a comic book fanatic but I am warming up to the comic books right now).

I really love the slogan "Believe in Comebacks" because these incarnations of Stephanie Brown represents being able to reinvent oneself and to regain full self-confidence in own action. Have you seen the 2nd Presidential Debate Last Night, President Obama came back from his performance the 1st Presidential Debate.

This is a truly remarkable poster you created there. I'll be hoping to expect more from you sooner or later, hungry for more.

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I commented on this awhile ago, but I just wanted to say that Steph has got to be one of the most relatable characters in all of superhero history. She didn't have her planet destroyed, she didn't fall into a vat of chemicals and become insane, she didn't have her parents brutally murderd right front of her eyes, no. She came from a broken home, her mother was an addicte, her father was emotionally abusive, heck, she got pregnant at 15, something that happens to a lot of girls that age due too puberty and hormones. and how did all this effect her? It made her stronger. She didn't let it ruin her spirit and became a strong and caring person dispite all her suffering. This important to me because whenever I see strong people, ecspescily young women, whether they're fictional or not, it gives me strength and hope to survive my own pain. :) I really look up to people like her. :)

also this his an amazing pice and you captured her so dang well :)
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I doubt if I was able to capture everything you see in Steph which makes you feel encouraged but thank you for your kind words. :)
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For some reason I feel I see detail behind the picture itself. It's hard to explain, but having her journey in mind I'm able to see her evolution in it :)
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YEEESSSSSS!!!!!!La la la la 
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I love this piece and Stephanie Brown
This is just plain awesome! Now if we could just get certain people at DC to believe the same as well! I miss Steph and the tag line for her 'believe in comebacks' is appropriate!:)
"At this rate she should be Nightwing next and then eventually take over for Bruce!"

Oh man! Stephanie was goig to be Nighwing in Smallville comic until Didio simply said no. Well still her, but have to chenge her name to Barbara and have red hair.
She never give up and the fandom will never give up on her.
I'm loving your posters
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Thank you for your kind comments. Its interesting working with characters I've never been a huge fan of before. I gain new respect for them. I vaguely remember Steph when she was Spolier (I was young and I think it was also the zero hour round that time...) and completely missed the storyline when she was Robin but I did pickup and read her run as Batgirl and thought it was really good. I liked the interplay between her and Damian. Priceless.
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HOLLY CRAP! ITS STEPH BROWN!!! i KNOW her! this is awesome!
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It is! 3x the hero!
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And when she was the Spoiler and like stalking Tim! that was SOOOO awesome!
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As part of the loyal fanbase, you did her great justice. Thank you. <3
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That's good to know! No problem!
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Really nice work ! I really like the Robins and Stephanie is so cute ^^ ! Good work !
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You're welcome :O !!
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You're my new favorite person for doing something with Stephanie Brown. I love how you show her spunk, especially with that civilian image.
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I'm glad you think I got her right!
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You've done a wonderful job encapsulating Steph's attitude and providing inspiration for her many fans who await her return with great eagerness.
Can't thank you enough! :nod:
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