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Believe - Optimus Prime

“Believe” series: Keeping Heroes iconic but positive.

Spotlight: Optimus Prime!

"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings."

The big man himself Optimus Prime! His "Secret Identity" being Orion Pax who he was before be became Optimus.

Optimus is a great example of a noble and positive hero and if you haven't everyone should watch the 1980's Transformers movie. Just Awesome!

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Check out the whole series! "Believe" Series: Keeping Heroes iconic but positive.


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OptiMario94's avatar
WOW Really AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
HellboysLady's avatar
great job my friend :D
Byrdman-08's avatar
I believe this is awesome. :D
Zenoxen's avatar
Okay, random question from a movieverse fan....

who's Orion Pax?
KerrithJohnson's avatar
Orion Pax is who Optimus Prime was before he became Optimus Prime. Optimus in various iterations (G1 cartoon to the Prime cartoon today) has usually been shown as a simple dock worker or librarian or something equivalent called Orion Pax. Then he either gets rebuilt into Prime because of an accident or gets ordained a Prime by a high council on Cybertron. So Orion Pax is Optimus Prime. ;)
SportaServo's avatar
So random but then again, why the hell not? Optimus is pure badass. Great job.
ricktimusprime0825's avatar
This is a wonderful piece of art. I love that little caption saying: "FREEDOM."
Saphira-Fan's avatar
Optimus Prime for President 2016!

Sorry, that was just my first thought when I saw this...
salvador-deli's avatar
Awesome message and image, but what I love most is that you actually used Orion Pax for the secret identity.
KerrithJohnson's avatar
Ya that amused me...:)
Big-Wired's avatar
From humble librarian Orion Pax to legendary leader, Optimus Prime.

If this is what you can do with pop culture icons outside of superheroes, I cannot wait to see what else you do because this is fantastic. I absolutely love it.
KerrithJohnson's avatar
It seems I should always get people who view my art to do the 'copy' for it. They always come up with awesome descriptions!
Lpsalsaman's avatar
Really cool poster!
adamantis's avatar
Just awesome, is possibly the best description :)
KerrithJohnson's avatar
He's got the power! ;)
madly9's avatar
Once again, great picture and inspiring message.
KerrithJohnson's avatar
DaveBaldwin3D's avatar
Another fantastic contribution to this great series K.
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