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Believe - Ms.Marvel

“Believe” series: Keeping Heroes iconic but positive.

Spotlight: Ms.Marvel!

Now I didn’t know enough about Ms.Marvel, beyond Rouge taking her powers and being a sometime ally of the X-Men, to come up with a word for her but I did want to do a poster for her and *lilyinblue mentioned I should read her latest series (before the current one). So I found it and I did.

So hopefully I’ve done Carol justice and she seems like she never gives up till she’s victorious.

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Check out the whole series! "Believe" Series: Keeping Heroes iconic but positive.


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Awesome! I've loved your whole series, but it's great to finally see your take on Carol Danvers. Having a woman in uniform there is a real nice nod to Carol's past. I like it. Great work!
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Ah, Carol Danvers. You're Marvel's answer to Donna Troy and Power Girl. Thank goodness she's gotten better and has a new series again(I could do without the weird haircut though).
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If i were to give you a run down of her past story i would just wind up getting annoyed at the nonsense she has had thrown at her.

So instead, this link should give a witty recap [link]

But i think "Victory" works.
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Some characters just don't get the respect they deserve. Also people have weird ideas for stories they think will sell. Seems she and Donna Troy share the whole "giving birth to a son who comes back to attack them" thing. Weird...
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Powergirl also had a pointless "mystic pregnancy" story in the mid 1990's. It was insulting to the character and badly written, thankfully it never got mentioned by any character in the DC universe ever again, including Powergirl ( a rare case of "if you ignore it, it will go way", actually working :D ).
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