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Accept - Poison Ivy



“Accept” series: Keeping Villains iconic but nefarious.

Spotlight: Poison Ivy!
Ms.Pamela Lillian Isley! Done in the original animated series style since that’s where I first saw her.

I think she’d be a wicked villain to portray in the modern movies. Yes I know she and Mr.Freeze were in movies before (I saw them as a kid) but I think they both deserve a revamp!

Kerrith - Being nice to plants

Check out the whole series! "Accept" Series: Keeping Villains iconic but nefarious.

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Of course all characters are copyright © DC Comics
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WOW! Awesome as ever, this is a worthy successor to your Inspire Series! If I might make a few suggestions?

Joker: Accept Chaos OR Accept Insanity
Lex Luthor: Accept Luthor (I figure he'd be the same as Doom)
Brainiac: Accept Control
Two-Face: Accept Chance
Scarecrow: Accept Fear
Gorilla Grodd: Accept The Will of Grodd
Injustice League: Accept Injustice
Sinestro: Accept Power
Ra's Ahl Guhl: Accept Immortality
Darkseid: Accept Anti-Life

Magneto: Accept Mutants
Brotherhood of Mutants: Accept Brotherhood
Apocalypse: Accept Survival of the Fittest
Mr Sinister: Accept Science
Venom: Accept Symbiosis
Green Goblin/Iron Patriot/Norman Osborn: Accept Greed for Power
The Dark Cabal (Doctor Doom, Norman Osborn, Hood, Namor, Emma Frost, Lady Loki); Accept Change
Queen Veranke and Skrulls: Accept He Loves You
The Serpent: Accept The True All-Father
Doctor Octopus: Accept Vengeance
Thanos: Accept Death
Enchantress: Accept Desire
Ultron: Accept Machine Domination
Kang: Accept the Conquerer
Sebastian Shaw: Accept Hellfire
Dark Phoenix: Accept Exhinction
Bullseye: Accept Your My Target

That's an initial set of idea I had, don't know if it ties with any of yours, let me know what you think. :)