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Wonder Woman

Bit of technique practice...This [link] is the sketch from a couple years back that I decided to play with a bit. Took on a life of her own it seems. I kinda wanted to update her look to feel a bit more contemporary, rather than the 60's butch drag queen she's so often depicted as. Also tried to make her a bit Latin...been told she looks, close enough. Most of her face is just a composite of dream women and what not. I'll have some prints of this at the coming NY Con.

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Like a model... so pretty!
60 G !!! and worth it..
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Wow, Gal Gedot was announced to be the new Wonder Woman actress recently, and you've drawn her exactly as Wonder Woman back in 2008!
WOW this is amazing
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When I met you today at Baltimore Comic Con I thought this was one of your finest pieces of art.  The expression on her face and her natural beauty were very powerful.  Thank you for the signed Suicide Bomb Girl.
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sweet mother  (o_O)
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and someone's stolen this and cut out the link.

Mature Content

Wonder Woman 10 by SGwonder

why do people have to steal... :( 
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I should have asked and I hope it's ok but I used this pic. As a model for a stencil because of how great it is.
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Best Wonder-Woman ever!!!
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Huh, she actually looks Greek for once. :D

This is beautiful. The work on her hair is simply gorgeous.

Really nice interpretation of the character.

It would be awesome to see a version of this with a full version of the costume rather than a painted-on one.
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She looks amazing
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I usually can't stand Wonder Woman pieces. Usually, as you have stated, she's depicted as more of a butch. She's usually to masculine to be an attractive DC character. But I keep coming back to this one. In this piece, she is a WOMAN! She has curves! She looks like a model. I really wish DC would make WW look like this instead of her usual look. This just screams sexy.
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This is a really nice WONDER WOMAN picture. I like way she looks naked as well as wearing her costume. Nice the way you've made parts the costume smaller:the belt and symbol, making it your own and sexier.
love it! reminds me of me lol...looks exotic like middle eastern mix with hispanic....
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Wow. You know I'm not much of a a WW fan, but you did this beautifully!
really nice, but some big flaws. would love to see this polished
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says someone who has shitty art
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This is so tight, it's unbelievable!!
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Beauty Pagent Wonder
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