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What do the numbers 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13, Debussy's Claire De Lune, a snail shell, the Milky Way Galaxy and this piece all have in common? The answer can be found in my art book "DOPE" Premiering at the SDCC.

9"x9" 50+ pages of new and behind he scenes art. A lot of which can be considered as illegal narcotic; pure undiluted inspiration; liable to cause dreams and hallucinations. Brought to you in vivid color. Reserve your copy:$30 shipped :

keep up with my moves on twitter: [link]
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That’s amazing!

This is probably the single best image of Superman I have ever seen.

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Those numbers are a Fibonacci sequence, and the proportions they represent in their relation to one another can be found in the objects/works you've cited. And by the way: 'Fav'.
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wow, i can actually FEEL the speed in this piece, awesome job!
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THANK YOU!!!! You never see a shot of superman flying from this angle!
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it catches my attention from the first time i've seen it ....amazing work bro words enough 
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All your work is lavish explosive and vibrant. very exciting, I love it
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that a great beautiful art of superman 
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Absolutely amazing!!
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That perspective is absolutely amazing, and the city is gorgeous. Your really tried on Supes, so A for good effort.
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Nice city. but superman is not so nicely done :\
The legs are tooo big and the arm position is.. outsch.. i cant hold my arms like this..

The city is awesome. very, very nice =) and a lot of work.. wooow :)
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Amazing perspective! 
На скорости!
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You just Ad the number behind it to the the number in front of it.
Q:What does the double slit theory say about matter?
A:The short everything exists in the form of potentials and possibilities. Till paid attention to buy the observer. And i'm i glad i got to observe you art    
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The perspective is astonishing. :+fav:
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This is wonderful! Cool!
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