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what has happened here
what's going on
im so lost

probably won't really use this much anymore

feel free to unfollow or whatever

don't make no difference to me

I'm mostly on twitter/tumblr now

misskeroanne on twitter

keroanne on tumblr

or keropamyupamyu if u want kawaii
I keep letting this place die and then live and then die and then live

I don't upload much because I'm working hard on my comic.  

For those of you who don't know, it's about a boy who gains the ability to become a magical girl.  It has strong LGBTQIA+ tendencies since that really appeals to me since as u know i am a gay.  It also contains highly feminist things, such as a single mom, plus sized girls, a tomboy girl, a sexual girl, femme boys, guys with loads of tattoos that are super sweet...  

Meirin is the one who is gonna be on the front page once I switch out some stuff, so be prepared for her.  She's a raging feminist homosexual who's a lil chubby and I love her because technically she's my ideal me, but whatevs

So, anyway, hope you'll enjoy my comic if you choose to read it.  I'm working really hard on it, so I hope at least a couple of you will enjoy it.  

It updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday aaaand yeah here you go:

Gyoko Shoujo!
Become more kawaii

Become better at drawing animus

Lose some weight so I can become a proper lolita desu

Start school

That's pretty much it tbh

Happy New Year!
I am going to go to college.  I've gone through the application process and orientation.  All that's left is to meet with a counselor and put together my class schedule.  

I need this.  I need to become a professional artist.  I want my comic to become a real thing, and then do illustrations for books as well.  Maybe some kid's books or something.  I just absolutely need this.  I can't keep at the same job forever.

I just want to have a real effect on the world.
things i did not know: 

u can give out too many llama badges and it will force u to stop

half of the people on my facebook are racists

urinetown is not a comedic musical, although it is funny

I really should stop typing like that it's starting to make me feel like an idiot even though it's how I normally write.

I'm just gonna take this change to advertise my website

This is a link to my webcomic, which, for those of you who do not know, is a comic that is half tragicomedy, half pro feminist/social justice.  It's a magical girl anime, but the twist is that it's a boy who turns into a magical girl.  

hopefully someone will notice this and like it
six years on here.  i joined when i was a weeaboo baby way back when i was thirteen.  let's see improvement... best of them versus best of now: 
Chokoretto's Lost One by Keroanne
Haruka x Michiru by Keroanne


I have to admit there's not that much improvement in six years that's not really good

anyway im healing up fine for anyone who cares

which is nobody ha ha loser oh well
So, this Thursday, I will be getting a breast reduction.  This is something that I have wanted since I was thirteen, something I have desired for so long that it's nearly impossible to believe it's nearly there.  

However, being as such, I will be sick.  For a while.  My plans mostly include watching anime and sleeping.  I may or may not be on here, I just don't know.  I don't know for how long I'll be out, but it should be a while.

I know nobody really cares, but I'm excited.
Now I can't search for anything

This is why I'm a Tumblr girl
I guess I should just do some updates.  Even though it's like two in the morning so I really should just go to bed.

My girlfriend and I broke up.  It was a mutual thing, but I still feel kinda down about it.  I've always known this would happen eventually, but it's still not fun when it does...

I'm going on a cruise to the Caribbean during Halloween.  So I'll be disappearing right about then.

I had a nightmare induced by KPOP a few nights ago... I was more bummed out about SNSD losing Jessica than I expected.

I've been reading Haikyuu! and will possibly do some genderbent stuff for that because I have this incessant need to turn all yaoi into yuri.  Maybe some day I'll do pure yaoi again

I'm going in for a breast reduction on November 13th.  So I'll be either here or on Tumblr a lot the week after.  I'll probably have finished Haikyuu! by then so no reading that ha ha

I guess I should do another plug for my website ? I'm not really on here because I've mostly been doing drawings for my webcomic if u didn't know.  It's about gay people fighting demons while wearing frilly clothes so if ur into that sort of thing check it out idk

I guess that's all I can think of for now.  huh.  well, bye.  not that anyone is reading this probably.
It's been up since my birthday but I haven't gotten around to posting it ha ha

You can read the whole thing now!
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As you may have noticed, I've been a bit sparse in websites.  I've gone through a lot of bad stuff over the past week and a half, and I'd honestly rather just stop thinking about them instead of explaining what happened.  At least for now.  I guess I'd mostly just prefer not to have my problems posted all over my wall.

But, today's my birthday!  It's also the day... da da da!  Gyoko Shoujo! is returning!  The website isn't quite up yet, so I won't be linking anything for now, but it has returned!  At least, it will in a minute lol *hasn't posted it yet*

Ah well thank you for another year hopefully I've improved and if not boo me
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I now officially need to make an actual website, not just a link to my Mangamagazine.  It's gotten quite frustrating, being that now you can only read any comic if you're signed up.  Like, why would you decrease my audience like that?  It's really annoying.  So, quite simply, I'm going to be making a website in which I can freely show off my comic and nobody needs to sign up for anything (although they can subscribe to the comic).

So, yeah.  Other than that, I got a new tablet.  Nothing much else is going on.  Started losing weight again.  I'm going to become skinny as heckie so I can be as kawaii as possible.
yo i think im gonna stop allowing people to download my art ???

I dunno it's kind of making me uncomfortable.  I can't find the art anywhere else, but I mean it could happen maybe?  And somebody has been doing it to all of my art recently.  Idk I just don't like it

In other news new tablet will be bought on Saturday

hughughg I can't wait

Also I am tired work kicks my butt aklf;lkadsjflkds
People may say that things don't just get up and disappear but

They really do

That's kind of what happened to my tablet pen, hence why I've been doing a lot of traditional art lately

Also my DS charger did this as well so you know life sucks
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Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

I'm over forty pages ahead on here soooo

Might as well

Webcomicing again

The manga will officially start up again on MangaMagazine on the sixth

I hope

That's what I'm aiming towards
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should i upload my selfies
or not

because ive really stopped caring about showing my face
Basically a lot has been going on this month

A) Got a NaNoWriMo that I'm doing.  It's coming along well I think I hope
B) I got a job and Noodles&Co, and it is fabulous even if I have to work my butt off

C)  As of Thursday, I probably won't be available online because I'm going on a Disney cruise so um yeah I guess bye

goodbye all 

i am off to be a gay anime
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email (message me privately for that)
Basically anywhere but here


so yea

i know nobody cares on here
It'll take us two days to get there, with us stopping in Las Vegas for a night.

Hopefully I'll be able to get some stuff done and just be happy and not so overly anxious and depressed constantly...
You know why?

Because I feel like it

Nobody's gonna read it

but i wanna anyway
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