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Random silly concept sketches of his warg form.

He can switch between this and spectral form, but prefers to use this one, since the spectral one requires more energy to maintain. Zul'Dar states that the Loa gave him the ability to shape-shift like this, but surprisingly, the old shaman mainly uses this ability for travelling, since his right leg hurts less and the limp is less noticeable this way.

-He's as big as a horse, like, about 6,3 feet tall at the shoulder.
- Always "grinning", since he can't fully close his mouth 'cause of the tusks and fangs, and tends to drool.
- Fur is very rough and spiky.
- Eyes have no pupils and tend to glow.
- Has grey fur on his muzzle, like an old dog would, his mane is almost grey too.
- The "tattoos" stay in this form, the fur kinda just retains the same colors where they were, on the face and shoulders.


Zul'Dar (c) me
Wargs, trolls (c) Blizzard
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holy cow!
I absolutely LOVE this design! great job! :D
SoldierToger's avatar
Oh man, that's awesome!
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Awesome design! I always thought the worgs in Warcraft needed a bit updating, I don't mind the under bite concept, I just thought the executed it poorly. The tatoos on the trolls showing up on the worgs face is a great touch! Wish they looked like this in game!
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me gusta mucho
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Jeebus I would NOT want to run into that skull-painted wolf face in a dark alley, that is positively nightmare-inducing! Fantastic design work! =D I especially love the work with his tusks and fangs, nice and toothy without being awkward.
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Your trolls man, your trolls <3
xXNokturnXx's avatar
this. is beyond epic
NinGeko's avatar
ermerged awesome!
KormyraSekyria's avatar
Awesome design! I wish this really exists in wow ;)
Boo-Tay's avatar
What a very menacing look on his warg form. Really nice!
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