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Hotaru In Chocolate by Kermitthefrog223456 Hotaru In Chocolate :iconkermitthefrog223456:Kermitthefrog223456 2 37
Fishy Boopkins In Super Paper Mario Chapter 21
Chapter 21: New Minion
At Count Bleck's Castle, Count Bleck's minions were once again plotting their next course of action against the heroes.
They had obtained four Pure Hearts, so it seemed best that they acted quickly.
“So, you couldn’t best them?” asked SMG3.
Dimentio shook his head. It seemed that the heroes were a formidable force when they stood together.
"I had Count Bleck's protection and I still couldn't beat them!" complained Mimi.
O'Chunks was currently lifting weights. He wanted to prepare for their next encounter with the heroes. Something told him that he would be fighting them again.
“Maybe I should try fighting them...” noted the evil knockoff of SMG4. He had all sorts of machines that he wanted to test out on those meddlesome heroes.
“I’ll see if I can send more brainwashed minions to take care of them...” said Nastasia. One of her new recruits would possibly come in handy against the heroes.
These minions were Waluigi,
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Fishy Boopkins In Super Paper Mario Chapter 20
Chapter 20: King of the Nerds
After collecting the two keys, it seemed that they would be able to handle the audience.
However, as it turned out, Lord Francis had a security system.
"Hello? Are you here to see Francis?" asked the kitty door.
"YES!" nodded Bob.
"Alright then...answer a few questions and I'll judge to see whether you're worthy of his time." said the door.
"I think you should probably answer those questions." suggested Meggy.
Fishy Boopkins nodded. He and Francis were alike.
"Is anime cool?" asked the kitty door.
"It sure is!" nodded Fishy.
"Do you like waifu pillows?" inquired the door.
"I sure do!" confirmed the Spike.
"Do you like playing with action figures?" asked the kitty door.
"I have those in my toy box!" exclaimed Fishy Boopkins.
"Do you like to play computer games?" inquired the door.
Fishy nodded. Those were fun.
“Alright, I guess I can let you long as you’re a hot babe!” exclaimed the kitty door.
Fishy wondered where he would find on
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Fishy Boopkins In Super Paper Mario Chapter 19
Chapter 19: Rescuing Tippi
"It looks we're here..." said Meggy.
"HOW DO WE FIND TIPPI? THIS FORTRESS IS HUGE!" exclaimed Bob. Why does Francis even live in a place as big as this? Not even his former mansion had been as big as this fortress.
"Something tells me that she's behind that door..." said the Inkling.
There was an enormous door inside the castle.
"What makes you say that?" asked Fishy Boopkins.
"I think I can hear her voice coming from outside the keyhole..." said Meggy.
Meggy pointed to the keyhole.
As it turned out, Tippi was indeed behind the door. They could see her through the keyhole.
Also present was Lord Francis. Apparently, this was his personal chamber.
Francis was taking a bunch of pictures.
"My friends are going to think I'm so cool!" exclaimed Francis.
"Are you ever going to let me go?" asked Tippi.
However, though finding Tippi inside the fortress was simple enough, unlocking the door was a different matter entirely.
They needed to find both keys if they wished t
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Fishy Boopkins In Super Paper Mario Chapter 18
Chapter 18: Treemendous Climb
"It seems that Princess Peach wasn't up for the job..." noted SMG3.
"Why did you send a princess to fight them?" asked Mimi. Bowser seemed like a good choice, but she wasn't so sure about Princess Peach.
"To be fair, she did put up a good fight." noted the plumber.
Desti had failed, but she managed to retreat before the heroes could snap her out of their brainwashing. Hopefully she would be more successful in their rematch.
Hopefully they wouldn't make it to Fort Francis. If they managed to rescue Tippi, there would be nothing stopping them from collecting Pure Hearts again.
"Is this the Dotwood Tree?" asked Meggy.
Fishy nodded. This was the tree, alright.
"This is the biggest tree that I've ever seen..." noted Saiko.
Unfortunately for our heroes, there were Bandits waiting for them at the bottom of the tree.
It seemed that they were looking for an opportunity to get some quick cash.
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Fishy Boopkins In Super Paper Mario Chapter 17
Chapter 17: Under The Sea
"Oh boy! We're under the sea!" exclaimed Fishy Boopkins.
Something told him he was going to enjoy this level.
Saiko was dressed in a rather attractive pink strapless bikini that matched her hair color...Bob seemed to have a hard time laying her eyes off her.
Of course, it wasn't too different from her normal outfit.
"You feeling OK?" asked Saiko.
"WHAT? I'M FINE!" exclaimed Bob.
"OK then." said the pink-haired lady.
Likewise, Meggy was in her squid form.
"The Star Block's got to be at the end of the level somewhere..." noted Meggy.
However, considering there had been road blocks at every point in their journey so far, it would make sense that there would be another one up ahead.
The only question was what it was going to be.
For now, they needed to battle the various aquatic enemies that were inside the Tile Pool.
Fishy tried summoning Mario, but he complained that the water would make his spaghetti soggy.
Meggy was well-aware how much Mario liked his spaghett
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Azusa's Tentacle Peril? by Kermitthefrog223456 Azusa's Tentacle Peril? :iconkermitthefrog223456:Kermitthefrog223456 2 5
Fishy Boopkins In Super Paper Mario Chapter 16
Chapter 16: Royal Pain
"Now 'ow did they defeat Bowser?" asked O'Chunks.
He was the King of the Koopas! The only person he seemed to recall ever defeating Bowser was Mario...and maybe his brother Luigi.
Although, he had seen them summon Mario a few times. Sometimes he was naked...which scarred him.
"I dunno." answered Mimi.
He seemed pretty strong to them.
But apparently he wasn't strong enough.
Well, they still had a ways to go before they got the fourth Pure Heart it seemed. Perhaps things would be fine.
After navigating the Bitlands, they found themselves at what appeared to be a dock.
Apparently, this was the Tile Pool that they could use to reach Fort Francis.
"Is there anything you can do to get us across?" asked Meggy. She could transform into a squid, but she wasn't so sure about Saiko. Bob probably didn't need oxygen, but Saiko probably did.
"I can use my magic!" exclaimed Fishy.
"YOU HAVE MAGIC?" asked Bob.
"Well, I haven't really used it these days." noted the Spike.
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Fishy Boopkins In Super Paper Mario Chapter 15
Chapter 15: Yandere
Fortunately, now that the Pure Heart was inside of its pillar, the heroes could reach the Bitlands.
However, as soon as they entered the area, something terrible happened.
"That's odd, I'm sensing the Pure Heart is right next to us...but I don't see it..."  said Tippi.
"That's pretty convenient, don't you think?" questioned Meggy.
Suddenly, Tippi was captured.
"Aah!!!" screamed Tippi.
"Alright! This is totally radical! I captured an extremely rare butterfly! I must be the luckiest guy ever!" screamed Francis.
"Francis, is that you?" asked Fishy Boopkins.
"Oh, hey Boopkins. I'm taking this butterfly to my fort so that I can take pictures and put them on the Internet! They're going to be stellar!" exclaimed Francis.
"Francis, wait!" shouted Fishy.
Unfortunately, Francis left without giving Fishy a chance to explain.
"Oh man!" exclaimed the Spike.
"As much as I would like to focus on saving the universe, I think we need to rescue Tippi!" shouted Meggy. She wasn't
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Starfire's Horrific Torture by Kermitthefrog223456 Starfire's Horrific Torture :iconkermitthefrog223456:Kermitthefrog223456 0 0
Fishy Boopkins In Super Paper Mario Chapter 14
Chapter 14: King Of The Koopas
As the trio were playing video games, they suddenly heard what appeared to be a small earthquake outside.
"What was that?" asked Fishy.
"THANK GOODNESS IT DIDN'T TIP OVER THE TV!" exclaimed Bob. If that happened, he would end up going crazy.
"I have a bad feeling about it." said Meggy.
They went outside to investigate.
They took a look at the sky, and discovered that the Void wasn't so small anymore.
"Oh no! The Void's grown bigger!" exclaimed Meggy.
That explained the earthquake.
"I'm afraid that ever since the Void has appeared, earthquakes such as that have also occurred." said Merlon.
"What the heck was that?" asked a nearby Flipside citizen.
Chances are the bigger the Void was, the greater magnitude the earthquakes would be. Luckily, these earthquakes were rather small at the moment.
"Did we spend too much time playing video games?" asked Fishy. Apparently, he had forgotten the longer the Void was in the sky, the bigger it would grow
"Don't forget, t
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Fishy Boopkins In Super Paper Mario Chapter 13
Chapter 13: Shroomy Gets Captured
At Count Bleck's inner sanctum, the villains were plotting how to deal with the heroes. So far they had managed to obtain three of the Pure Hearts.
"Their courage is like a Goomba marching to the front lines of the battlefield!" exclaimed Dimentio.
"You can say that again." remarked Mimi. She had seen their courage firsthand during her fight with them.
Why wasn't she able to beat them?
Unfortunately, their trap they had set at Merlee's Mansion hadn't worked out. The brainwashed minions they had sent had all failed to defeat the heroes. Now they were no longer brainwashed and were on the heroes' side.
In addition, Merlee had given them their third Pure Heart. Now they were most likely heading to the Bitlands. Apparently there was a really big nerd living there.
A big nerd that looked like a chameleon. He was a weeboo, like Fishy Boopkins.
He happened to have a rather large fort...that was guarded by Teletubbies. And kitty robots.
They were surprised by
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Fishy Boopkins In Super Paper Mario Chapter 12
Chapter 12: That's My Merlee
Unfortunately for Bob, the only person he found in the girl's lavatory was Merlee.
Meggy face palmed.
"Thank goodness that you managed to find me, that psychotic girl Mimi just wouldn't let me be!" exclaimed Merlee.
"There you are! Can you give us the Pure Heart? I think you might want to be fast..." said Meggy.
Suddenly, they heard what appeared to be Mimi in the hallway.
"AAH!!! HURRY!!!" screamed Fishy.
"Don't worry, I think I know how to deal with her...I can remove her invincibility, yes, sir!" shouted Merlee.
"Thank goodness!" shouted Meggy.
At that very moment, Mimi stormed in.
Upon noticing that Merlee was with them, she decided to shape shift into Merlee.
"Oh no! Which one's the real Merlee!" shouted Fishy.
"Isn't there a game show like that? Guess My Merlee?" inquired Meggy.
"As a matter of fact, there is! Apparently somebody really likes showbiz!" shouted Merlee.
Suddenly, the Interned appeared
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Fishy Boopkins In Super Paper Mario Chapter 11
Chapter 11: Gotta Go Fast
The three of them investigated their surroundings.
"I guess the Pure Heart is down here somewhere..." noted Fishy.
"Yes...I can tell that it's close." said Tippi.
"Are you not going to call me Tippi?" asked the butterfly.
"WELL, YOU ARE ALWAYS GIVING US TIPS!" noted the Garo. He was rather grateful for that.
"It most likely is close, but be careful. We may have defeated the Villager, but Mimi's still on the loose." answered Meggy. She was likely in the basement somewhere waiting for them.
What was the worst she could do? Slap them in the face?
"I don't think we should judge her just by appearance." stated the Inkling.
"I'm not so sure about that..." noted Fishy. Saiko may have looked pretty on the outside but inside she was rather unhinged. Although, to be fair, she had become a better person after befriending
:iconkermitthefrog223456:Kermitthefrog223456 1 0
Fishy Boopkins In Super Paper Mario Chapter 10
Chapter 10: Debtor's Prison
"Wario failed too? You've got to be kidding me..." thought Mimi.
To be fair, he did smell kind of stinky. When was the last time Wario had ever taken a bath?
Fortunately, she knew how to deal with the trio. She would make them her slaves!
They couldn't collect Pure Hearts while they were stuck working for her!
Bob was picking the lock that was restraining the Gnaw.
"Bob, what are you doing?" asked Fishy.
"Bob, I'm not so sure that's such a good idea..." said Fishy. Somebody might end up getting hurt.
Unfortunately, Bob did it anyway.
"Bob, don't you remember the last thing you did something reckless?" asked Fishy. Bob had ended up endangering them.
He was sure they would be fine.
"Maybe, but it could still hurt somebody." pointed out Fishy.
As soon as the G
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Fishy Boopkins In Super Paper Mario Chapter 9
Chapter 9: Resident Boopkins
As soon as they entered the mansion, they quickly noticed that there seemed to be something wrong with it.
The Gnips and Gnaw weren't hostile (despite their frightful appearance)...but it seemed like they wanted them to leave.
They weren't quite sure why.
Also present was the maid, Mimi.
The Gnips and the Gnaw didn't seem too fond of her. They could hear them barking whenever she was nearby.
Again, they weren't quite sure why.
"What? How did you get past Luigi? Er, I mean, welcome to Merlee's Mansion! I'm keeping things clean and tidy! So don't you dare make a mess! In case you're wondering, my name's Mimi!" exclaimed Mimi.
"We won't." answered Meggy.
For the time being, she decided to put her paint gun away.
"I know you want to explore the mansion Bob...but shouldn't we be searching for Merlee?" asked Fishy. Chances are she was in the possession of the third Pure Heart.
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For some strange reason there doesn't seem to be anyone living in this city. Are they all indoors? It doesn't seem to be cold outside s...

You think that if you follow the rainbow, you’ll find a pot of gold at the end of it? Then again! That’s merely a superstition. And I’m...

It's funny how you call this beware of the kitty yet she doesn't look horrifying at all. I don't think she would be terrifying if I enc...

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For some strange reason there doesn't seem to be anyone living in this city. Are they all indoors? It doesn't seem to be cold outside since it's not snowing. Where exactly are they? Not a bad drawing though even if I do wonder where everyone has gone. I can tell that it's daytime so I don't think everyone is sleeping.

This is a city, right? I would imagine that it is a city. Then again, maybe it's just a town. I don't see any skyscrapers in this city. These building seem kind of big for it to be the suburbs though.

Apparently, somebody likes to grow plants. I wonder who the gardener is. Who knows?


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