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Spring dawn




I tried lineless art.

I actually just started doodling grass. Srsly.

It's by the way a pokemon. And for the pokemon nerds: Cherubi. It's such a cute pokemon :'D I plan on doing it's evolution too, Cherrim. In it's sunshine form ofcourse, the normal form is fugly.

This is all made on 1 layer and I didn't made a lineart for it, I immediatly slapped the base colors on and started shading and highlighting them. I really like this, even though it's my first time making lineless art.

I might want to do more lineless arts but I dunno. You tell me. o_o

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Hey I was wondering if it would be okay to feature this picture and your buneary dandelion drawing on I write for them and would love to use your image in my article! I will of course credit you! Thank you!