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1. Models can be built in any program as long as the final render is carried out in Kerkythea.
2. Post-pro in any program is allowed.
3. Member join requests will be automatically approved.
4. If you think you have something to offer as a contributor, join as a member and ping us a message with your request.
5. At the moment submissions are automatically approved, any work that is obviously WIP or first attempt will be moved to those folders.
Founded 9 Years ago
Aug 24, 2010


Group Focus
Art Creation

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Digital Media

146 Members
146 Watchers
40,917 Pageviews
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Gallery Folders

Guitar Closeup by JonEastwood
Indigo Ridge by Snohyn
Never Let Go by Snohyn
WIP Airship 3 by pangeranberbajuputih
Offshore by plasmid1
Georgian fireplace by plasmid1
Sword Mk. A by JAOG
Moria great hall 2 by Sketcher-GP
Victorian Candlesticks by plasmid1
Bath by plasmid1
Cameo pedant by Micheuss
Dodecahedron Flower by Micheuss
Space Station Hangar + Signat by Sketcher-GP
Alea Iacta Est [II] by Reactor-Axe-Man
Alea Iacta Est [I] by Reactor-Axe-Man
The Pork Chop Express by Reactor-Axe-Man
THE POSTman Car Tmp by JAOG
Light Cruiser by MASCH-ART
tHE showrd by JAOG
0 W by JAOG
1 W-1 by JAOG
Work In Progress
Space Dock WIP 3 by Sketcher-GP
Space Dock WIP 2 by Sketcher-GP
Space Dock WIP 1 by Sketcher-GP
Moria great hall WIP by Sketcher-GP
First Attempt Renders
Camaro-1969 by MASCH-ART
Knots Landing by Minia4
University Campus: Master Plan 2.4 RENDERING by RMoy-Art
materials models globals
Alien Habitation II by 1DeViLiShDuDe
Clouds of Kahn-Fusion! :D by 1DeViLiShDuDe
DL: Broken Boat (.kzx) by LockRikard
~Matter Antimatter Matrix by 1DeViLiShDuDe
KT Group Images
Sphericon Pedant (by John Malcolm) by Micheuss


SA 005-opt by scaulier69 SA 005-opt :iconscaulier69:scaulier69 3 0 Scoop Tram Render by MSgtHaas Scoop Tram Render :iconmsgthaas:MSgtHaas 32 7 bicol 2 by viperbrix bicol 2 :iconviperbrix:viperbrix 17 32 less is more.... by Neellss less is more.... :iconneellss:Neellss 76 13 The Mk 2500 Class C Zapgun by Nanaki-Murasaki The Mk 2500 Class C Zapgun :iconnanaki-murasaki:Nanaki-Murasaki 37 21 Kerkythea Fella by Furumaru Kerkythea Fella :iconfurumaru:Furumaru 12 11


Our very own TaffGoch has been featured on popular geek blog BoingBoing… with one of his marvelous geometric kinetic spheres.

92 Gears - Flash Animation by TaffGoch

Its an exercise in efficiency despite the complexity of the model, with the animation comprising only six frames. Of course all rendered in kerkythea.

Nice to see kerkythea is still relevant :D and congratulations TaffGoch on a little international exposure.
More Journal Entries

3D Resources List

Feel free to suggest the resources you can't live without

KERKYTHEA 2008 ECHO (obviously)
materials… Fletch's exhaustive list of KT materials

Just found a OBJ exporter for kt nestling quietly in the kt forums

The Main Contenders: major programs that you must have in your arsenal

GOOGLE SKETCHUP - do I really need to provide a link here? you could just google "sketchup"... oh go on then, here it is
Sketchucation - massive resource site for Sketchup
3d warehouse -…
Ruby plugins -… an exhaustive list of ruby plugins for sketchup, any you can't find here should be at sketchucation

BLENDER Blender is the free open source 3D content creation suite

GIMP THE photoshop alternative

PAINT.NET Paint.NET is free image and photo editing software.

PICASA very useful photo management program from google. very good for emergency tweaking of renders.

VIRTUAL DUB is a powerful video capture/processing utility useful for compiling sketchup animations rendered in Kerkythea.

Other Programs you may not know about, but could change your life.

*NEW* insight3d opensource 3d photogrammetry software, produce models from photos... neat

SCULPTRIS think Zbrush but free, small and easy to use. (its so good that pixologic, the makers of Zbrush, have just bought it up)

TOPMOD my latest favourite software (apart from kerkythea!) TopMod is based on a new paradigm that allows dynamically changing the topology of 2-manifold polygonal meshes.

TERRAGEN Terragen 2 is a powerful solution for rendering and animating realistic natural environments.

APOPHYSIS Freeware fractal flame editor for Windows
ART OF ILLUSION is a free, open source 3D modelling and rendering studio.

WAX is a very impressive high performance and flexible video compositing and special effects software.

WINGS3D is a subdivision modeler (courtesy of dentex)

IVY GENERATOR… does what it says...very well (courtesy of dentex)

LITHUNWRAP… a free UV mapper

*NEW* WOOD WORKSHOP… is a free seamless texture editor that specializes in the creation of seamless wood textures... NICE!

Useful websites you won't be able to live without.

HDR LABS Site devoted to HDR photography

*NEW* Bernhard Vogl's free light probes…

*NEW* A FLICKR COLLECTION OF Equirectangular Panoramas EXCELLENT!…

CGTEXTURES strives to be the world's best texture site.


DEVIANTART TEXTURE SEARCH only just thought of this!!…


DEPTH OF FIELD CALCULATOR a very helpful site when trying to get that lens blur just right

ARCHIVE3D.NET fairly massive object library with no registration required

ArchiDOM model database…

Archibase model library

GIGAPIXL a gallery of massive high resolution photos from across america

3D MESHES RESEARCH DATABASE… nanaki… suggested this one - 80000 models to choose from including a lot of sci-fi. non-com use only, remember its polite to attribute :D

FREE SKYMAPS… from a blender forum


found this ancient link in my bookmarks… a large list of models sites... might still work! a website dedicated to collecting 3/4/5-view drawings, templates and blueprints for as many objects as possible








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KishanhPatel Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2015  Student Artist
Tnx for add me.
cyromiguel777 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Everyone know how to delete images in a group? a submit them to the wrong group, and now i want to submit them right.
mjduniverse Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
2 of the models i submitted went into the wrong Folder for some reason.
mjduniverse Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Nevermind, i found out how to place them in the correct folder.
Scifiwarships Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Hi, does anyone know if it's at all possible to make a decent looking exhaust plume in Kerkythea? I'd like to make credible flames for my rocket engines.
Technohippy Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi There

its not easy because kt doesn't do volume materials. however this [link] tute plays with the procedural fresnel properties which can be found in the material editor in order to create a fuzzy cloud like material. I imagine if you can create a random series of interlinked spheres in the shape of the plume you would like and then apply a version of this material to them, you might get something close to what you are after.
Scifiwarships Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks! Looks complicated, but I'll give it a try.
Scifiwarships Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Hi, I'm trying to render a bridge(starship) scene, and I'm having massive problems with lights. I'd love to have displays and such lit, but everytime I try render time goes through the roof. I read somewhere that it's possible to set up liut surfaces with fake light to make them glow withhout reflections an such. Will this cut render time, and if so does anyone know how to set it up?
My model is currently round the 1 mill poly mark...

Thank you!
Technohippy Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
the first question is how are you lighting the bridge? inserting lots of point lights may not be the way to go. if you are inserting the lights in sketchup you get unnecessary geometry which increases the complexity of the lighting and consequently the length of the render time.

you may find that using emitting materials is the way to go. for example a computer screen is best achieved with an emitter material. the geometry for a rectangle is 2 tris which is the simplest you can get. for each "screen" or other lit element such as strip lights etc, create a separate material in sketchup. once imported to kerkythea you can edit each material by going to the self luminance section of the editing window.
you can set the radiance section to a colour or an image (very useful for computer screens)

for an example of an emitter screen in kerky have a look at this [link] the screen is very slightly lit using the image it displays
Scifiwarships Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Hi, thanks for replying! I am using emitter lights, two types one which is fakelight just glow, no emission,and there are several of these as they are holoscreens behind glass canopies. in addition to this I have two long strips along the back wall.
I tried using a standard setting MLT(?) and after two hours it was up to raytracing pass 19/10000!!!! which would pretty much mean a weeks worth of render time. I think my model is just too complex..
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