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Forgotten Realms - White Dragon by Kerian-halcyon Forgotten Realms - White Dragon :iconkerian-halcyon:Kerian-halcyon 17 0 DnD - White Dragon Bust by Kerian-halcyon DnD - White Dragon Bust :iconkerian-halcyon:Kerian-halcyon 8 0 Forgotten Realms - Green Dragon by Kerian-halcyon Forgotten Realms - Green Dragon :iconkerian-halcyon:Kerian-halcyon 18 2 DnD - Green Dragon Bust by Kerian-halcyon DnD - Green Dragon Bust :iconkerian-halcyon:Kerian-halcyon 6 3 Bestiary: Aardvark Drake by Kerian-halcyon Bestiary: Aardvark Drake :iconkerian-halcyon:Kerian-halcyon 7 5 Bestiary: Orca Dragon by Kerian-halcyon Bestiary: Orca Dragon :iconkerian-halcyon:Kerian-halcyon 12 7 Dungeons and Dragons - Black Dragon bust by Kerian-halcyon Dungeons and Dragons - Black Dragon bust :iconkerian-halcyon:Kerian-halcyon 14 4 Bestiary: Coastal Drake by Kerian-halcyon Bestiary: Coastal Drake :iconkerian-halcyon:Kerian-halcyon 4 4 The Realm of Aredain by Kerian-halcyon The Realm of Aredain :iconkerian-halcyon:Kerian-halcyon 7 6
Race of Matyr - The Elves
The Races of Matyr
The Elves
Elves, also called Sylvs, Sylphs, Sylvaren, Elvenkind, and frequently referred to as 'The Quick Folk' by some Elven scholars, were among the first (if not the first) to colonize the continent of Altherys during the First Era and have since spread across to its many nations and territories where they live in relative peace.  Their lives have been one initially of constant turmoil and abandonment, being driven from one homeland to the next, though now since the Second Era they have entrenched themselves within their new homes with the intent to stay.  While the hot-blooded race of Men continues to change, the cold-hearted race of Dwarves continue to mine and crave for what was lost, the evil-minded race of Goblins continue to pillage, and the tragic race of Beastfolk continue to be driven out, the Elves continue their own ancient traditions as the eldest and wisest of the five races.
Elves come in a wide array of races
:iconkerian-halcyon:Kerian-halcyon 6 2
The World of Matyr - A Basic Introduction
The World of Matyr
A Basic Introduction
By KerianH
Many of the worlds I have come up with in the past have been glaringly generic, had notably obvious inspirations drawn from obsessions or games that I have played or admired, or have otherwise felt marginally incomplete due to constant adaptation, revision, and eventually retconning of whole sections of lore due to a lack of thought put into the project or general disinterest.  For a while I had grown self-conscious of my writing because I always knew, deep down, much of what I wrote was far too inspired by other media that I have exposed myself to, and none of it felt wholly mine and mine alone; something that couldn't or wouldn't be published if it was ever given to a publishing company.
I have grown tired of these insecurities and anxieties that I have developed, and have wanted to get back into the passion of writing again; not just writing fantasy/science fiction, but creating worlds - wor
:iconkerian-halcyon:Kerian-halcyon 3 5
The Throne of Bronze - Prologue
The Throne of Bronze
A Tale of Matyr
In the time before the First Era, the Elves came to Altherys across an ancient land bridge from the Undying Lands.  They built an empire of wonders on Altherys that lasted for over a thousand years, but it fractured and fell to pieces through warring and infighting.  In the closing years of the First Era, the Zharr people's ancient messiah, the One with Dragon's Blood, made war upon the elves and drove them from the Everbog - destroying the land bridge to the Undying Lands and creating the Fracture, forevermore sealing the fate of elves on Altherys.
Also during the First Era the Dwarves arose from the dark.  Long before in the Lost Era their eternal war with Goblinkind had met its ultimate conclusion; a conclusion which led to their ancient homeland's destruction.  With no other choice but to flee they climbed upwards, establishing themselves in mountain strongholds and caves
:iconkerian-halcyon:Kerian-halcyon 5 2
Aerundar Monster Manual - Trolls
Aerundar Monster Manual
"Once I saw the strangest sight of my life; a bunch of gigantic figures with arms longer than legs, long tails like a cow's, flat noses and upward-pointing tusks building what looked like a massive wall right in the middle of a field.  They kept getting in the way of a goatherd and demanding a toll every morning in the form of a butchered goat for their breakfast.  I actually came up to the goatherd and wondered if he knew anyone willing to pay for them.  He gave me a funny look and said that they were under the pay of the local lord, who asked them to build a fort able to resist cannonfire, and intended to hire them again as guards against pirates.  I've never looked at these things called trolls the same way again.  Or goatherds for that matter..."
- Donovan O’Rourke, Human Gunslinger

Trolls are a race of Giantkin, and are believed to be distantly related to both giants and ogres.  The v
:iconkerian-halcyon:Kerian-halcyon 2 13
Realms of the Sky - Vaule the Shattered One
Sundered Deities of Aerundar
Vaule, the Shattered One
Vaule (pronounced 'Voll') was once the stoic creator deity of the Dwarves, leader of the Dwarven pantheon and the God of Smiths in most other pantheons of deities.  The creation story of the Dwarves is often told in song during the first beginning verses of the somber hymn 'The Lament of the Dwarves,' which tells how Vaule carved Dwarvenkind in his own image and gave them forms that matched his purpose for them.  Vaule was one of the deities sundered by the Breaking, and exists now only in various shards of his former self, some of which have yet to be rediscovered.
Titles: Dwarf-father, The Great Smith, the Shattered God, the God of Many Pieces
As God of the Dwarves, it is presumed that Vaule existed during the first of the Forgotten Ages, back when the world was still young and the races were first forming.  Old texts brought up from ancient and lost Aldrahar and stil
:iconkerian-halcyon:Kerian-halcyon 1 0
Realms of the Sky - The Dwarves
The Races of Aerundar
The Dwarves
Dwarves are one of the most reluctant of races to be included in the Great Census of Dragon's Talon, and are considered to be part of the higher civilizations of Aerundar.  Proud warriors, excellent craftsmen, and stout backers of tradition and honor, Dwarves nevertheless feel unwelcome in Dragon's Talon and prefer the comforts of their homes in the various continents of Aerundar; what comforts can be gleaned, in any case.  This is because Dwarves were natives to the continents long before any other races colonized them, and had specifically lived in what little underground the continents have.  As a result, Dwarves have experienced first-hand just how different the world became after the Breaking, and have become a melancholy people as a result.
The Lament of the Dwarves
Say what you will of the tragedy of Elves, whose race nears extinction, or of the harshness felt to the Half-Orcs after the gre
:iconkerian-halcyon:Kerian-halcyon 5 4
Dungeons and Dragons - Aldurak the Monk by Kerian-halcyon Dungeons and Dragons - Aldurak the Monk :iconkerian-halcyon:Kerian-halcyon 5 10


Rapunzel Samson by bezzalair Rapunzel Samson :iconbezzalair:bezzalair 294 32 YCH Babes by LiliLavenderArt
Mature content
YCH Babes :iconlililavenderart:LiliLavenderArt 6 7
ARK - Birb comforter by IsisMasshiro ARK - Birb comforter :iconisismasshiro:IsisMasshiro 933 144 [CollabCO] Gentle Lilies by TwistedDisaster [CollabCO] Gentle Lilies :icontwisteddisaster:TwistedDisaster 251 15 Goblin Folk. by Rodrigo-Vega Goblin Folk. :iconrodrigo-vega:Rodrigo-Vega 308 20 Gatherer's Garden by bezzalair Gatherer's Garden :iconbezzalair:bezzalair 510 62 Angel Protection by bezzalair Angel Protection :iconbezzalair:bezzalair 514 52 ARK - Return of the Noice by IsisMasshiro ARK - Return of the Noice :iconisismasshiro:IsisMasshiro 776 164 Welcome to dreamworld by IsisMasshiro Welcome to dreamworld :iconisismasshiro:IsisMasshiro 671 169 Beasts of the Air, Land and Sea by Rodrigo-Vega Beasts of the Air, Land and Sea :iconrodrigo-vega:Rodrigo-Vega 1,007 62 Black Dragon Kalameet by Sakitaro Black Dragon Kalameet :iconsakitaro:Sakitaro 96 8 Ancient Blue dragon by BenWootten Ancient Blue dragon :iconbenwootten:BenWootten 2,762 126 Ancient Black Dragon by BenWootten Ancient Black Dragon :iconbenwootten:BenWootten 2,559 156 Young Blue Dragon by BenWootten Young Blue Dragon :iconbenwootten:BenWootten 2,225 98 Black Dragon by BenWootten Black Dragon :iconbenwootten:BenWootten 2,884 186 Turin confronts Glaurung by TurnerMohan Turin confronts Glaurung :iconturnermohan:TurnerMohan 1,333 68
It has been a long while, hasn't it?

So, I'm now officially 26 years old.  I've survived past quarter of a century...survive is a pretty appropriate word I think.  It describes this last year really well.  I don't think I've lived it very well, I certainly have survived it.

Where to start? ...Well.

I can't remember if i mentioned in a journal or not that I've had health issues last year, but if I have I can safely say that they are still very much a thing.  Now, however, I may have helped round out what isn't the cause and what it could be.  I am well aware that a lot of what I have going on has to do with anxiety - that's a no brainer, I'm a very anxious person and have been rather high strung of late (still unemployed, still living with my parents, and now I am no longer covered on their - but what I haven't figured out is what's specifically setting it off.  Trips to the doctor (and a trip to the ER at one point) have ruled out the possibility that my heart's the issue, so despite it thumping in my chest whenever I want to sleep I am actually fine there and am not at risk of a heart attack.  Most of my stomach problems are gone as well, though now I have determined some of the main causes of why I get acid reflux all the time.  I've pretty much determined that certain foods such as dairy (especially ice cream or regular milk) are not my friend anymore - these will actually cause my throat to get irritated (on the plus side now I know my random coughing isn't just a nervous habit anymore).  Other stuff like onions can also set it off.  However I no longer have really bad chest pains all the time due to my stomach and esophagus being bloated and full of gunk and haven't in a long time.  Yay.

However I have run across a more recent problem that makes me want to slap myself, because if it's true then what I thought was a fix has merely been adding to my issues.  Since a little over a year ago I've been regularly taking melatonin supplements to help me to sleep since I toss and turn a lot and trying to get myself to lie down and go to bed has always been a chore for me (probably even since I was little, come to think of it).  It had been something approved of by my therapist and encouraged by my doctor when I made my visits.  I had also been given omeprazol by my doctor to help deal with the acid reflux problem so I can reduce the acid in my stomach.

Well...turns out not only does omeprazol actually cause anxiety as a side effect (which my mom found out), but melatonin can cause a number of different side effects when used for extended periods, including irritability and headaches...which I've been having for a while.  Good to know that the two regular medications I thought I could take could well have been causing some of the problems I've had since the beginning.  Joy.

For now I'm going to stop taking them and see what happens, I don't expect any improvements right away but if the glaringly obvious problems that have been causing me to lose sleep these last couple of weeks.  Well, some of them anyway.

I didn't mean for this journal to be a list of my problems but I figured I'd let people know what's going on while also letting them know that I am still alive.  In slightly less depressing news I am steadily getting back into drawing again - I managed to teach myself how to sketch digitally without needing to draw something in pencil and scan it to ink it, so that means I no longer need to have to hook up my printer every so often in order to scan something anymore.  This also means that I am going to be more eager and willing to draw now that I don't have to feel so concerned about losing pencil art, so that's a bonus there.

As far as writing is concerned, it is still just as slow as it has always been.  I really should just get back in the habit of posting my random blurbs to see what people think of them like I did when I was younger - if nothing else it'll be there for people to see and it might give me some encouragement knowing people can read it.  On that note though I have been on the path of reading more recently - I recently started Book 3 of the Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson and it's given me a lot of cool ideas.

That's it for now.  I'll try and post more often, can't make any promises though.  Oh by the way I am also on Discord, if you want to chat with me you can randomly find me at the ARMCO/XPG Alliance Discord Server, which is where I tend to hang out.  Awesome community over there.  Look me up in the Cave if you wanna say hi XP.  Until then, me out!

  • Listening to: WoW Vanilla OST - Ahn'Qiraj
  • Reading: The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson
  • Watching: youtube/Netflix documentaries
  • Playing: Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius
  • Eating: breakfast
  • Drinking: coffee


The Prince of Wyverns
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Welcome to my den of awesome. I am called Kerian, you may call me your majesty...XP joking, naturally. No, really, bow before me. >u<

I am a young author...well, trying to be anyway. I do a lot of cool stuff that involves creativity and most of the stuff I put on here is rather varied. The most consistent, probably writing, sci-fi, and fantasy stuff. I've occasionally done crafts, I do occasionally do Bionicle stuff, I do some traditional and digital art, and whenever I get my hands on the software I'll be doing a lot more 3D artwork.

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