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Beards brushes

10 Brushes in it..

made for

i hope they'r usefull ^^;

*please tell me if i should move it to my scraps ^^;*
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Hello, I used your stock here

Thank you very much!

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Hello, I used your stock here Don Quijote de la mancha y Dulcinea del Toboso by EscribaRegio   Thank you very much!
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Thanks Keren I like !!
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Hello there, thanks so much for your stock.  I’ve used it here:

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I used your brushes here :…
thanks a lot :rose:
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I like these brushes. Thx.
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Hi, I used your brushes here. (not on the beard though, but they are useful!) Thanks. [link]
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Came in quite handy here: [link]

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Thank you. Just what I needed!
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Why, this is perfect! A little insane but perfect. Think of all the uses ... beards? No! Those are much more than beards, they can be furs, fabrics, everything! :D
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You will be getting a lot of downloads heh. I just posted this on the society of bearded gents lol.

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This have been very useful to me, I had to texture a 3D man's face, so I used one of your brushes and it looks pretty cool. Thank you!
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tryed these and the are so faint!

how exactly are you supposed to use these the opacity and flow are at 100% and i cant see jack!

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Amazing! Now I just need to find a picture to use them on! I'm thinking newborn pics! Mwahahahaha.
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I really want to try this! ^^
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thanks for sharing =]
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Hey, appreciate these brushes! They help add that bit of realism to certain cartoony pics! Will use them!
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Pretty cool. I was actually looking for something like these...
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Nice....that is a wonderful idea....does the set include scruffy beards or long flowing beards? I prefer scruffy beards personally, or closely cropped....yah....i'm insane.
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cute brush..
I love it..
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