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War of Dragons

An interior illustration for Draconomicon : Metallic Dragons book by D&D. I made lots of artworks for this title, so this would be a dragon month I guess:) Stay tuned!

©1995-2009 Wizards of the Coast LLC

Photoshop CS2, Cintiq 12WX


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This person altered your color slightly and put their own watermark on your War of Dragons.  les-dragons-Kerem-Beyit-18 by Fernan41   les-dragons-Kerem-Beyit-18
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The details are incredible!
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Adamantine vs Red Dragon.
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Seriously how do you make these pictures??? Is it digital or hand drawn??? Either way I would be impressed. Do you have any tutorials I can look at?
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your dragons are so cool! Do you have any tutorials?
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Your execution of detail is splendid.  Always loved dragons, I don't know there just something about that draws you it!    Love your works!!!
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This looks like Shardas and his brother-who I forget the name of. :O
(from a book I read c:)
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"This is MY peak! GET YOUR OWN!"
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Hello Kerembeyit,

I am an admin for a faceook page about  dragons, and I would like to share some of your amazing dragon art on it. The page is called The Dragonhood. If you allow me, I will give you full credit for the art and a link to your page.

Thank you for your time, Flint.

(P.S. Did you do the art for the Requiem series?) 
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Awesome work here
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Great image! What dragon species are they? I know the one flying is a red dragon, but what is the other one? I am hoping to start my own work soon with dragons, would Photoshop CC work for something like this? 
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I was just about to say the same thing about the dragon speices!
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yor details are crazy awesome!
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THIS IS THE COOLEST THING EVER!!!!  my brain exploded at the sight of it and now I cant take my eyes off of it
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