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There you go


PS7, Intuos 2, 20 Hours.

Usually I don't like my own stuff, but I kind of like this one:) Enjoy!

Check out the WIPs: [link]
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This is fucking DARK. Love it.

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A great convey for the message!!!
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I didn't know a drawing could be this powerful !
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Edgy but I like it.
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wow, this is absolutely stunning in its definition and creepiness.
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Well that's creepy.
StripedHyena666's avatar you've encapsulated my mind exactly. Bravo.
Grimvak's avatar
know how that is....
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reminds me of amnesia... the artstyle, blending... and the blue whale challenge!
Reminds me of the blue whale challenge
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Holy crap this is so cool
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almost like addiction
TrippleSixing's avatar
Schizophreniaaa.. ''Do it..''
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WOW I really love this one! It's so cool! The tattoo on is shoulder is a spade and in the prion world it symbolizes a thief! Very cool!
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very good art
piece,great concept,love this
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when i look in the mirror it feels like it like to look at itself THRU my eyes not next to me. but i love this concept.
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This is a bit to gory for my taste but it came out nicely though :)
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now i remember the movie MIRRORS :D this is aa good one dude!!! its fuckin creepy :D
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kinda being put off by the gruesomeness..... great job!!!
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I wonder how the blood got all the way up on the mirror like that?
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This image has been featured at "The Big Rainbow Newspaper" --> [link]
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