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Tailchaser's Song

It's been so long since I've submit anything...
I actually miss this :)

Cover art for the "Traumjäger und Goldpfote" (Tailchaser's Song)… by Tad Williams. Made for the German Edition.

Photoshop CS4
(Approx. 20 Hours)

Hobbit Presse - Klett Cotta © 2012

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Sep 29, 2011, 12:43:39 AM
© 2012 - 2021 kerembeyit
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msandie's avatar

The first Tad Williams book the read. Still one of my favorites. 😁

ZiddersRoofurry's avatar
Oh my gosh. I loved this book. I love this art. <3
Winzer's avatar
gosh this is absolutely beautiful. I've loved this book for many years, it's great to see some fantastic artwork of it!
skybluerabbit's avatar
very beutifull!!
Purple-Oort-Cloud's avatar
Just... omg... wow... amazing.... i love this so much. I read the book and I love it so much.
BellatrixLestrange94's avatar
Tailchaser and I'm assuming, little Pouncequick, love it! :heart:
Shembre's avatar
Gorgeous! The last time I looked at this I didn't even notice the cat statues. The two cats really held my attention. :D
MiouQueuing's avatar
One of my most beloved books! Thank you so much for providing a new cover art - it's perfect! :-)
Maquenda's avatar
Nie! I still have an older version of that book :)
Che-Nupet's avatar
You paint the cover of the book?! I love it! *0*
whitetoe6's avatar
Loooooooovvee cats!
chumacera's avatar
Ouuuuum divinos miausss :3
Iyna08's avatar
Das Buch ist einfach schön. Und Mist nochmal- Ich habs immer noch nicht zu Ende gelesen. Ich hab das 8 Monaten und habs einfach bisher nicht geschafft, da mal fertig zu machen.
MataHari22's avatar
I loved that book! As soon as I saw this illustration I immediately thought of the book.
Wolfsong35's avatar
I love thisssss :) <3 it's so cool. You're an awesome artist :D
elbinmarin's avatar
Espectacular work
Hedgehog101's avatar
Were you the one who made the cover art? I can't tell you how much I love it! It is my favorite book cover ever for any book!
Ziinaz's avatar
You are so talented!
TawnehStar's avatar
I just finished that book ^^ I love it
Leaquoia's avatar
I see that book i bought it the book is not good but for you <3
GreyMornArt's avatar
Ah! There's not enough art of Tailchaser's Song!
moonfeather's avatar
Omg that's awesome!
Is that paddfoot and Fritti tailchaser?
I love love love that book.
Alinoschka's avatar
One of my favourite books! Love this <3
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