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Steel Dragon

There's a short story behind this one. This is not the original piece that was printed in the Draconomicon 2: Metallic Dragons book, this is an improved version.

I sent my finals months ago so it's too late for the book but I've put too much time and effort into this, and used too many references to just abandon it. I had to fix those wings :)

I wasn't aware that its wings actually consisted of several metal blades, it was not in my description and in the reference sketch each wing looked like one giant solid piece of metal, they actually kind of reminded one, of mosquito wings which was pretty ridiculous but I had no choice, that was the reference sketch... So it was totally not my fault:)

My first version was approved somehow and later I received my courtesy copies and I found out about the mistake I made... Well, I finally had some time to correct it so here you go, enjoy the Steel Dragon with its proper wings!

©1995-2009 Wizards of the Coast LLC

Photoshop CS2, Cintiq 12WX


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beautiful calming piece of work
layotam444's avatar
sorry for being picky.... but where is the other foot of the dragon? aside that it looks amazing in every aspect! it tells a little tale... as you watch it in your mind!
Max-Kielsmeier's avatar
The background has this beautiful filmic quality
spottedleaf2014's avatar
This is just so amazing!!!! You are definitely an amazing artist!
VincentdelaCruz's avatar
wow.. i loved the original picture of the book....
one of the best works of all the 4th edition....

And i really love this improved version...

You have a great talent!
LarissaLoyd's avatar
They are so proud and beautiful!
Wihr's avatar
Great artwork :+fav:
NenadJones's avatar
I love this one, the detail and atmosphere is just perfect - damn, I hope one day I can create something as awesome as this :/
I'm a sucker for cities/castles/fortresses in backgrounds!
JaqErant92's avatar
You, sir, are going to fill up my faves folder.
Lightning-Prime's avatar
I love the work you! Maybe you would interrested in becoming a contributor in my new group! :iconclub-dragon:
RickMittelstedt's avatar
this is a great the atmospheric effect you added
MottoMadness's avatar
This is amazing! :O
MottoMadness's avatar
Ugh, stupid faces! Nice work :)
So great, now framed and on my dining room wall. I love your work.
bluebrothers's avatar
Much love to the opulent green tones
and the amazing presence of the multilayered dragon!
There is much to this artwork, but it is perfectly in balance, insane good!
Valvado's avatar
This is incredible! Beautiful work congrats :D

Com and see fantasy Art Gallery :

Muddyfox2012's avatar
thats amazing <3
An-Old-Otaku's avatar
Fixing something that's not right even though you don't have too! Now that's what I call craftsmanship! :thumbsup:
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