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Steampunk Dragon

Well, here it is: the last one, Steampunk... There will be no more dragon heads for me:)

Photoshop CS2


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Oh look, it's my laptop background from 2010 lol

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Hi Kerem!  I just wanted to let you know that I featured this piece in 2016 on my dragon artwork blog Writing Dragons (with proper attribution and links back, of course).  I hadn't figured out my notification protocol back then, sorry for the late comment!  But I love your work, and my site is all about promoting artists, so I hope you'll stop by.  You can find me at Writing Dragons, and your feature here.  Your dragons are really awesome, and I'm sure I'll want to feature you again in the future! :)
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Incredible detail! Good work!  Well Done! by PYRASMUS  
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Looks like Alduin dived in a pool of Steam punk and Evilness. . . Love it
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Yipes, nicely creepy and mechanical.
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ok now that is AWESOME!!!
astounding picture!!
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the happy dragon
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he dont look too happy 0_0
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what are you talking about, Just look at that smile!
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yes.....a real killer smile 
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It's a happy murder smile
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hpm, fair enough good fellow 
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My question is... Was it born or built???
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This is so fucking good.
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You have talent! This is a very exotic dragon!:)
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The superior dragon
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Great idea, and it looks awesome.
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