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Here's the Silver. He's my favourite one because somehow he's kind of handsome... I am using him as a poster guy since my official site is finally online...

Check out my website at [link].
Some of you guys have been asking me for tutorials for quite some time so I have prepared two which can be found in the stuff section on my website. Enjoy!

This was the final of the series by the way, I guess I'll take a long break from the dragons...


Photoshop CS2 (Approx. 10 Hours)
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Id choose this one!
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Did you made them avaliable for downloading as a JPG file? Beacuse when i cliked it it was possible for me to download an image. 
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These are the nice guys right?
smedina146's avatar
LOVE!!!!!  Thank you
Maxine-Skye's avatar
wasn't it used on the cover of one of the Daniel Arenson books? THOSE BOOKS ARE SO AMAZING OML AND I'VE ALWAYS ADMIRED THE ART ON THEM Heart Heart Heart La la la la 
TaNa-Jo's avatar
I really miss your dragon heads D:
LiyoTreasure's avatar
Beautiful Silver Dragon!:)
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When I saw this it reminded me of the Phantom of the Opera (Gerard Butler version Heart ) It reminded me of it because like you said he looks handsome but his horns hake it seem as though he's wearing a mask. Like he's a dragon so people would be like "aahh its a dragon!! hideous creatures! spawn of satan!" whatever like how everyone sees the phantom as a monster because of his deformed face. no one would give them a chance. So the phantom has his mask, and the horns are reminiscent of one. However, no one can see what beautiful majestic creatures dragons are and no one gave the phantom chance (well except that lady that brought him to the opera house.
PagfaaPlaysMinecraft's avatar
OMG! Your drawing are amazing!
FoxArrowFurry's avatar
This picture is in a book i have o3o
The-Lobster-Kitten's avatar

It kind of reminds me of Medusa, somehow 
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This is brilliant!
kinkykillaclown's avatar
That is a wicked Silver Dragon!
EmokittylovesZero's avatar
ur dragons r beautiful.
Yorfuzbob's avatar
Oh my God! It is so cute! It looks almost lion like. I have a place in my heart for all reptiles and all dragons!!
DwarvenGiant's avatar
This one's DA BEST.
Linkqwer's avatar
Have you done the artwork on Paollini's books?
FableTale's avatar
All of your dragon profile pieces are amazing. The attention to detail is staggering. Really fanatastic work!
ginL's avatar
Hello, somebody stole your art here => [link]
ella-kommissarrex's avatar
He is absolutely beautiful! Fantastic technique and detail
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