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Shadow Word: Devour

Card art for the WOW TCG Timewalkers: War of the Ancients Set [link]

© 2013 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.
© 2013 Cryptozoic Entertainment.
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Apr 13, 2012, 9:00:05 PM
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MjP-70's avatar
Amazing work!
ISIKOL's avatar
Unbelievable work! 
Bison57's avatar
such great art work. great use of light and color.
starjumper79's avatar
always wonderful... so nice lights
argan99's avatar
The shoulders are the Mantle of Absolution which is a priest set-piece, although priests do not have the shadow bolts :)
Meylek's avatar
But I don't think that is a Shadow Bolt, Shadow Words are Priest spells.

Though it does look like Shadow Bolt.
argan99's avatar
Priests don't have castable spells that shoot projectiles, unless you talkin about penance. Only lock's and mages have projectiles, some shamans and hunters. The goblin here is wearing a priest spesific set, but is not a priest. I suggest more background information to be done.
Meylek's avatar
(and the Rogue's Shuriken)

Yeah, that's right, Priests don't really have any offensive projectiles. Whether the spell in the piece is a projectile or just the "casting animation" could be up for interpretation, but I can also be wrong.

Is there a lookalike transmog for the one that the goblin is wearing??

And lastly, do projectile-spells and instant-spell (not instant cast) have any differences other than the time it takes to reach the target?
argan99's avatar
Yes. If a projectile spell doesn't reach you, it cannot damage you. Thats how it works :D If you drop a clone while a Chaos Bolt is flying towards you, you avoid the damage. But instant casts OR insta-reach spells (Like the 1.5 sec cast timed Arcane Bolt from Mages) will affect their target instantly.
Black-Charizard's avatar the hair meant to look like it's clipping through the hood?
Meylek's avatar
He's a Goblin, fashion is both his strong suit and not his strong suit...
gensanity's avatar
awesome purple glow
Nice. Goblin priest ? :)
jedi4ever73's avatar
This guy look really menacing! Good job!
jdcourtice's avatar
Great work, love everything about it. His expression is excellent, awesome work!!
jdcourtice's avatar
That is just really awesome! Evil little bugger he is! Great work.
TFSakon's avatar
Now he looks so very malicious.
jaguare19's avatar
This is World of Warcraft!
RNDave's avatar
Shadow Priest with Tier 6, very nice!
manuelzart's avatar
Not big fan of WOW but this f**king sick dude! :)
waynecampbell-art's avatar
Very ~in your face~ kind of cool!
Wonderfully clear and detailed.
Mercanto's avatar
OMG you never dissapoint me. Awesome work!
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