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Robin Hood

Cover art for the Robin Hood and a World of Other Stories Book by Orion Publishing. [link]
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A great cover, wish I had that book.
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Great cover. I'd definitely take a second look at a book with a cover like this :)
There once was a man named Robin Hood,
Who lived in the Nottingham Wood,
He learned how to f**k,
From old Friar Tuck,
And Maid Marion whenever he could
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Very nice work, I like how the tip of the arrow is golden!
The green and gold book cover is masterfully done as well!
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The ORIGINAL tax refund!
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Awesome comment.

Awesome art.
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This looks excellent!
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great, one thing though, i feel like the bow is somehow disaxed from the way it should be (with the pressure applied from the string). but else is great
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I like the scar on his eyebrow. It gives him more character.
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Great pic. I am a big Robin Hood fan
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If only books looked like these and had leather covers with real metal adorning the corners. I would LOVE to buy one.
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Ha.. I love the expression on his face. :)
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finally, a robin hood that isnt a fox!
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Your style is awesomeness :D
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Amazing job on the details! well done!
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Another profi work.
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Looks great! Quite appealing.
The texture is whatI love the most about these beautifully renedered covers. gives you a feeling that tactile.
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