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ROV Robot

A futuristic ROV design I made for an engineering company.
It was fun to work on something like these for a change :)
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I build ROV's.... So this is awesome. :)
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I'm currently writing a short story concerning finding life in Europa's oceans. A apart of that story involves the use of a bright yellow submersible Waldo, much like the ones pictured here. I had such a clear image of what they looked like, to see them here makes me chuckle. Brilliant art work, perfectly visualised, and brimming with the muses touch.

I think you've helped me write another few thousand words tonight :)
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i'm ROVer :D .. luv it ,,
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Wonderful detail!
xX-C-h-a-r-l-i-e-Xx's avatar
I agree, nice change, and GREAT design. ^^
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Unusually charming! :heart: Great work with the undersea lighting, though I feel the picture would have benefited from stronger contrast to show off the ROV bot's lights.
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Awesome design :)
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beautifully conceptualised and executed :)
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I wish you were my teacher. You're incredibile amazing.
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really great design of the ROV Robot
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Really nice design.
Stardust-Supernova's avatar
Cools o.o! is that painted or photos ? or both?
Sir you have amazing art!
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I'm more interested in the scenery LOL
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awesome! I love underwater pics! I would love to see a pic of Rapture made by you.
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Is it just me, or did he use the same base painting for both images, just flipped around a bit? Regardless, looks awesome.
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Reminds me of an old lego set I used to have.
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JACK rip that door!
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