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Over the Clouds

I made this one a while ago, couldn't get around to submitting it. So here you go:)


Photoshop CS2


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Como puedo pagarla y como se cual es el precio (soy nuevo)?
Don't waste it.
If you can send it to me, I change to a 3D room wall sticker. sell it...
See what I can do at:… 
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I love this so much. It looks really good in my room.
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Hello ! I was wondering if it's possible to use this wonderful on the webzine of my writer's association ? It's called Génération écriture, and we want to make a special issue about writing tricks, planned for this summer (probably August). We are going to make it like a book of magic spells, with a fantasy creature for each part. 
Of course we don't earn any money with this magazine, and we will give you correct credits.

You can check our webzines here :… (it's in french, but this way, you can see that we are giving credits to all the people who allow us to use their work).
Please, let me know if it's ok for you (I would understand if it's not), I'd reaaaaally like to be authorized to use it.

Thank you,
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LOL not form me of course XD sorry I didn't mean to imply that, You will still get full credit for it :)
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Nice picture! Would you mind if I suggested this to a group as a deviation?
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A guy named Matthew Nelson (… has been stealing art, applying filters, and then calling it his own. 

He stole this piece from you, and it's in his Facebook album here:…

Just thought you might want to know.
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2 of my favourite things
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Wow! this is fantastic work o_O
I'm speechless. . .
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I can't believe this was done by a human being! It's so stunning.
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I love this one, I guess it's inspired by a scene from Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real by AnimalPlanet :D
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gonna buy this one as poster must I do it here or on a other site of you?
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That is amazing I love that it looks like you are there with them, the colors and the texture is wonderful
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I love the perspective on this! It's like you're actually flying with the dragons. Great lighting and cloud texture.
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Imaginative, detailed, and beautiful. I absolutely love it!
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