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Out of Blue

Well, I know you're not used to seeing stuff like this from
me but surprise, surprise guys!

I have always loved the Megalodon, fascinating creature... What I wouldn't give just to take a glance at a real one but that's impossible so I came up with this.

Another reason for drawing this was the low quality of the Meg paintings I've seen so far. I've watched the Sea Monsters series and they say that this is the way the Meg attacks (from below just like the great white) and since that made a lot of sense I went with it. I also made the eye relatively small so that it wouldn't look like another scaled-up great white picture.

Well, hope you enjoy this.

And watch the movie Sharkwater guys! Don't eat shark fin soup or I will eat you alive! Visit the

It's said that the shark population has decreased 90% over the past 50 years...


Photoshop CS2, (Approx. 30 Hours)
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Sheesh he is the most feared creature in all of world

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Is there a particular reason why you made the Megalodon oversized in this picture?

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That is so cool but i also bring news of the Megalodon.
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So this is where that picture I keep seeing on YouTube thumbnails came from... Amazing work!! 
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It'd be crazy if these still existed
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Megalodon, the king of the sharks.
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Megalodon, the King of the sharks.
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Would it be okay if I your picture in one of my Youtube - would use videos, you would then link in the description and your Deviantart - would call account?
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despite meg being over sized here

its still the best picture of this shark of you ask me :)
I've used a Megalodon many times in rpg's ... a 60' shark is truly terrifying!
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I love this one, i think he has hungry, beatiful and amazing art work here my friend, cool idea and original, congratulations!
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Gold Cup by KmyGraphic Congraz you´re Deviation is featured by :iconeyecatchart: have a great day Roses-and-Butterfly by KmyGraphic
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I am terrified of the ocean and what is in it. But this picture is really awe inspiring to me.
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Megalodon was big, but it wasn't that big, unless those are some tiny whales. It was only around 15 meters long.
It was 10 feet longer and those whales are about 30 feet long.
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This is one of the best and most blood chilling shark pictures I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. The details in the megalodon's hide is superb. I bet all the scars are from some pretty epic battles. And the bubbles and the lighting and...I could go on forever with how much I love this picture but I'll just fave it instead.
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actually not impossible   if you've watched discovery channel or national Geographic's they had a show about the meg not to long ago the Megalodon is actually alive and thriving its just living in parts of the ocean we rarely go, a bunch of divers even got to tag the Megalodon  as it dived down into the depths of the ocean it was pretty wild... the shark was massive and now that the ice caps are melting an waters are warming up a bit more the meg is re surfacing....
That was fabricated.

This shark needs to be at the surface because that's where its food is. So we'd have found one by now.
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not true a second one was found near australia by another group of divers doing re search on great white, and one of the smaller baby megalodon had snagged up a great white from behind one of the divers, and  their is a large percent of our ocean that has not been looked at by any humans  and its easy for someone who has never done the research on it to say other wise  how could you be so ignorantly blind to think other wise, human kind knows more about other planets than we do our own an thats a proven fact its very ignorant to think that way its not fabricated  only people who think something is fabricated is those who live secluded them selves an have no means of exploring real life outside of their materialistic society  you might want to learn your facts before assuming it was fabricated you act like all life is one big lie like our million year old ancestors just wrote a bunch of bull on the walls of caves and on stone tablets and cities, could give you all the worlds proof an still your ignorance wants to prove other wise... besides i was talking to the person who created the art work i dont have time to argue with belittling ignorant douch bags...
Megalodon was limited to surface waters and had to surface, in order to follow its prey. Therefore, it cannot survive in the parts of the ocean that haven't been seen yet.

And the claims of survival were actually fabricated. It's famous by now.
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