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Orc Warlock

Another card illustration for the WOW TCG. This is the personal version, in the final, Blizzard called for black and purple energy (Warlock spells are typically of this color) to be surrounding the Orc’s hand so I had to use dark purple effects in the original final. I set this composition as cool blues against warm oranges right from the start so I kind of like my version better. So here you go:)

This set will be out very soon I guess, so you have to buy the cards in order to see the original.

© 2006 Blizzard Entertainment, © 2006 Upper Deck

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Orc Warlock: I cast Fist!
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The greatest Warlock...Gul'dan 
7-Pac's avatar
All Hail Gul'dan 
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Badass Orc !!! love your work man ! :D amazing !
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"where do you like it the face...or in the chest?"
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I like this version, though I haven't seen the purple one, but this looks fantastic. Great work again.
icedragonodalsh's avatar
This is F-ing SWEET!!! :-D Very Cool!!!!
this makes me want to change my warlock's race to orc :D
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Wow!!! Cool!! <3
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I am speechless!!!! This is amazing! beautifully done, with lots of detail :D Congrats!

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yeah orc, kill that man! stupid humans attacking my tauren, they deserve this lol
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Awesome picture, the awesome detail on the armor and the expressions are awesome! Poor night elf dude though. :(
Ramz-y's avatar
it's human not night elf, prolly necromancer.
Kodasea's avatar
Oh, my bad. Now that you mention it, he does look more human than night elf. Oops!
Mato-Zi-Win's avatar
Wow! I love how he looks almost like a wolf, the revered mount and guardian. Everything is perfect!
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this need to be a spell for demo locks would be like a spell for theyre demon form
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Whoa . . . Oooooohhhh . . .
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Falcon Puunch! Player 2 defeated. Very nice work!
MFDOOMjr's avatar
warlocks!! 1337 pwns FACE.... im such a wow nerd -_-
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