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Night Elf

Look what I found in my old folders! I made some colour adjustments and it turned out pretty good :) I made this one 2 years ago when I was working on my personal portfolio
and totally forgot about it...

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I feel really bad for the night elves...In BfA their hometown is burned AND the citizens of Astrannar are brutally murdered 

Fuck you Sylvannas...fuck you 
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Wow, absolutely stunning.
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You know what ? (if my opinion is that important haha) I really think that this is the best version of night elf that I've ever seen, I love fantasy, warcraft and stuff like that, and I've seen thousands of arts, but this my friend is the best night elf ever. You've got talent and skills, this looks beautiful :)
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is this your own or is it from something else?
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From World of Warcraft?
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Emeğinize sağlık, :love:
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She is a hotty :D nice job :)
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those eyes... THOSE EYES!!!!
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It looks like Night elf in warcraft!
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Intended pun? :rofl:
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0.o How do you draw humans so good. This is awesome. I love the sword and everything. :hug:
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Beautiful, Stunning Imagery
She feels so alive... And those big eyes are fascinating...
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I love the hair, it's pretty^^ :squee:
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!!! you're really talented!
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