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Nicodemus Cover

The cover art for the Blake Charlton's Spellwright book. I made
this one for the German Edition and the full German title is:
"Nicodemus Der Zauberverschreiber"

Copyright © 2010 Klett-Cotta

Note: I have use reference for the background.


My watchers have reached 59,761 as of now and I would like to
thank each and every one of you for your support over the years. I may
have looked like a jerk 'cause I don't usually reply any comments
but I am a working guy and it's very hard for me to spare time
to do that. I am hoping that most of you understands that. Now, if you
have an art related question about a particular piece, instead of asking
it in comments, just note me and I will try my best to answer it.

Alright, love and kisses :)
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© 2011 - 2021 kerembeyit
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cool!!!!!!707 ICON *squeak noise* [Zacharie icon - F2U] 
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Keep up the good work, I love this picture, I don't read so I havn't read the book, is it worth reading in your opinion?

I'm new to Devianart, now some stuff I want to comment on, there is a box saying somehing like "unable to comment on this" know why that could be?
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Loved the book and especially enjoyed the detail on the cover - beautiful work!
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Hello,i have an art related question about a particular can i note you?
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Hi I love your work and I would like to commission a book cover from you. I am new to DA and don't know how else to contact you. Could you let me know where to send details etc to please. Many thanks

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Nice work! Your monsters are very Lovecraftion to my eyes.
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I love this picture :3
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O_O my eyes! its too awesome! XD
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Your beautiful picture was featured here: [link]
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Recently read the book (over this summer) and I loved it! You did a great version for that edition, a job well done : )
I love the look of the spell in his hand
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This is an incredible painting! The crispness of the colours and shapes, the lighting, and
the composition. Gorgeous work! :wow:
Your cover is great, maybe I will buy the book (despite that I do not have time to read anything at the moment).
Looks really cool.
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This is awesome! Really nice details! :D
Bought this book just because of the cover :)
Great artwork. I love it. How much do you charge to do this kind of cover art???
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Your cover was Actually the Thing that made me buy the Book.
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Oddly enough, I think the most captivating part of this whole work -besides the glow effect on the robe and creature- is his human face. It's smooth and pale and contrasts with the other heavily textured elements. <333 Awesome. I would pick up this book based on the cover! :D
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I love your work its just all amazing!!
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whaaa zo cool!!
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