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Nemexia Noxis

Let's take a little break from the usual:)
A promo art for the online game named Nemexia. [link]

PS CS4, Cintiq 12WX
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interesting design with the tattoos and gun.
Brainstorm-bw-style's avatar
Cool pos, she kinda reminds me of that one jedi-master from star wars.
Anant-art's avatar
Superb Master...
oO-Monkey-Oo's avatar
This is unreal! Those eyes are captivating..the colours are rich and the art is simply beautiful.. amazing work :)!
Is it wrong to find that more attractive htan msot women in real life?

Awesome art.
holmanextremo's avatar
Really really great colors and character!

Greetings from Colombia!
She is beautiful!
salivaverde's avatar
so Bautiful, I really like those green leves
Natalya-Himura's avatar
So beautiful! Colorful! She's so pretty for a warrior! ^^
SuHaBlAcKhOlE's avatar
she might me an alien model ,, or avater super model ... <3
Harika bir çalışma olmuş, tebrikler..
SP-Groove's avatar
Wow incredibly cool! She looks fabulous i love her skin markings!
klausey's avatar
Awesome - again lol.
peachypaperflowers's avatar
Love her expression :) she's guns bigger XD
tupkoo99's avatar
I love it:D:D
Verrrry gooood:D
The words i'm going to use to describe this are; awsome, and, sweet. Awsome sweet.
Dakknay-Sade's avatar
Duuude, dig the tribal vibe of this piece~

SiradLah's avatar
Awesome work!
Patriarch2's avatar
Umm, good work.
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