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This is a cover art for the magazine named "Diyar Gezgini" [link] . You can check the actual cover at my scrap section. [link]

* Has been selected for inclusion in EXPOSE3 Album by Ballistic Publishing.

Pencil, ink, PS7 with Tablet. (6 Hours.)


Diyar Gezgini isimli dergi icin yaptigim kapak calismasi. Fantastik edebiyat ve benzeri konulara ilgi duyuyorsaniz, bu dergiyi takip etmenizi tavsiye ederim.
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I saw this one before, but didn't know who did it. Really cool and creepy. Wouldn't want to be living in that town.
That is so cool! I love werewolves!!
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I think I saw this picture in a book... or maybe just the internet...
I not exactly sure, so...
Still, good job, I like it! :D
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Someone has picked your work and tells everybody that is a stock. Check here ( this guy used your image thinking was a stock [link] ) and here there is the guy on photobucket who has stolen your work -> [link]
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nicly done i liove the fur look i still struggle with that.
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hehe this is so cool, im taking some ideas to draw fur like this furry man...
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Wow the contrast, detail, everything is fantastic!
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It looks awesome, like all your stuff. =)
run for your lives.
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uuuh you are the author of this drawings ^^ amazing honestly!!
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This sure is a beautiful drawing, detail of the fur and backdrop is great. Amazing work!
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oh sweet! i found the actual artist to this piece!
i saw this years ago on google and loved it haha
thought you should know that!!!
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Pretty snazzy, though I kinda wish the tail was a bit longer to make it look more snazzy, but it's just me. ;p

P.S. With permission, may I borrow this image for an Anti-Twilight motivational poster that I art working on please? :D
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i wish i was as good as you....but everything i do...i seriously hate!!!
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Your wonderful work has been featured here! :D
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Very popular image. I saw it stolen thousand times
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i like your drawing so i photoshoped it a bit, and this is what i got.
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Wow, what vision.. This is what lives inside my boyfriend!!!! Incredible display of animalistic rage. May the hunt begin!

I Love Your work!!!
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Our compliments!
We would like to publish this work on the next issue of our italian art-zine named CAA -Chiamata alle Arti, num. 37 themed Moonlight .
The team

You can see all past editions here:
The deadline for this issue is the 15th of January, 2010.
send to:
Your personal data:
- Name and/or nickname - Email and/or URL of your site
- your permission to use the images both for the use on the CAA and to advertize the CAA projects themselves.
File types (no animation) at least 1800 pixels on longer side:
JPG, GIF and PNG or TIF, TGA, EPS, BMP, WMF, EMF compressed with ZIP or RAR (max 6 Mb).

more info: [link]
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I already said i loved this image but not on your profile... Someone told me that you were the true artist.

Very nice job, that's incredible!
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this one kills
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This is Awesome! I wish the print wasn't the price of 5 comic books Plus shipping :(
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