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Moon Dragon

Hey guys, as you may know Draco Magi successfully funded and the game is on  pre-order

And now  it's time for an expansion:…

So if you want more portraits,
high quality art stickers and posters go there and support this Kickstarter!

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those fantastic textures…I could never do that in a million years.

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WOW!!! Fucking awesome! "Moon Dragon"?! Your creativity knows no limits! This is outstanding. Incredible work!

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Spectacular. :eyepopping:
YikYik's avatar
Oh wow... this looks awesome! :wow: Truly like a moon dragon with the craters on the skin. :D Super cool! 
benjaminswinn's avatar
eff yeah ...thats a lot of badassery... ....alot
KatydidQueen's avatar
Wow, this is so detailed! I luv ittt
VCampbell's avatar
Bad Ass ! Great work ! awesome ! 
SeeGRAY's avatar
When the Night King on Game Of Thrones transforms dragons THIS is what they should look like!  Outstanding visualization and solid technique, your portfolio is full of masterpieces
Bladeninja76's avatar
Eep, interestingly creepy with nice craters.
MIKihsan's avatar
maxed out ,hehe.
Odd-Voodoo's avatar
This is stunning!
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a moon dragon with moon stone for skin. This satisfies me to a near infinite degree :)
SecretSketchbook's avatar
Says allot for the strength of the design when I think "oh cool a moon dragon" before I even read what it really was
ClaFanN1's avatar
Well, I found it a bit odd a moon dragon having the moon surface as the skin lol, Why not call it Mercury dragon or any other "moon"? ;)
HikiAraite's avatar
I love all of these dragons so much!
Pikanimewolf's avatar
Great!  Medic omg I loved the craters pretty much
Lufisipico's avatar
My favorite, so far. If I did not see the name, I would know that is someting of Moon. Beautiful. Well done. Congratulations to Kerem.
pdevinney's avatar
I like the craters, excellent concept, great work.
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I was just scrolling through 'dragon art' when this picture caught my eye.  This dragon is so beautiful. Scary, really scary, especially at fist glance, but still vary beautiful. 
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